WeeklyHC - Average based handicap system

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Handicap calculation based on average results for weekly competitions. Simple and easy handicap system that uses average scores of previous competitions as handicap for the current competition. For example, if a player has participated in two previous weekly competitions and played total scores of +6 and +10, then player's handicap for next competition would be 8. And handicap in this case means that 8 throws would be substracted from score of the third competition for this player.

Tournament director can choose from three different average calculation methods:

  • all rounds - average of all previous competitions.
  • best rounds - for example 5/10 best competitions counted for a single player
  • last rounds - for example 5/10 last competitions counted for a single player

These settings can be found from Edit competition --> Public --> Details after selecting the Points system (1) and saving and then clicking Details (2).

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