RatingHC - Rating based handicap system

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Handicap calculation based on Metrix rating for weekly competitions. This system is using the current rating of the player, matched with the current course rating to define the appropriate handicap to the player. Rating 1000 equals to handicap of 0. Other ratings will get a handicap of +/- (1000 - player rating) / "1 point rating value" which means how many rating points equals to 1 difference in round score.

For example, if a player a rating of 900 before a weekly competition and the course 1000 rating score is 54 and "1 point rating value" 10,5, then the handicap for this 900 rated player would be (1000 - 900) / 10,5 = 9,52. So, if this player gets final score of 62 for example, then handicapped scores would be 62 - 9,51 = 52,48.

Tournament director can choose from two different options to show the handicaps:

  • Points - showing HC value for each player and new handicapped score. Lowest handicapped score wins.
  • Rating - showing the difference between players current rating and it's difference to latest round rating. And the player with biggest difference to current player rating, wins the handicapped competition.

These settings can be found from Edit competition --> Public --> Details after selecting the Points system as "RatingHC" and saving changes and clicking Details.

This system requires that the course has a rating value defined. If the player doesn't have a rating, then no handicap is given, but this system still includes players without ratings on the handicapped results table. In case tournament director decides that in order to participate in a handicapped class, player need to have a HC, one can just ignore players without ratings from the results.

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