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Each competition or round has basically four different views: Registration, Results, Entering and Editing. This chapter explains what are the different options related to showing results and registration details on different levels on the competition structure.

  1. Players registration: results page is either showing the results or registration details.
    1. When this is set to Yes, players can register to the competition according to Details setup for registrations.
    2. Tournament director can add and remove players to competition regardless of this setting.
  2. Player self-check-in: options to allow player let TDs know that they are already on the premises and ready to play.
  3. Show results: show or hide the results table.
  4. Show flag: this option will show flags next to player names in registration and results tables based on players country information.
  5. Show previous rounds sum: very important setting for multi-round events. This should be enable for all but the first round so that consecutive rounds are aware of the previous rounds' results. 
    1. This is important when generating groups based on previous rounds results.
  6. Show points system: You can select from different points systems. More information available about Point systems.
  7. Show manually combined summary table: This settings allows TD to create custom results table.
    1. Usually this should be set to No.
    2. Please consult Metrix support, if you need something special for your competition.
  8. Show groups: this setting will publish player groups and show them on a separate page.
  9. Show news: Show or hide news section on the event page,
  10. Show info tab: Show or hide separate info tab in the event page.
    1. This info page should include all details about the event.
    2. Supports simple HTML and is shown below results table.
  11. Show sponsors: Show or hide sponsors for the event.
  12. Show free text: Allow TD to add a custom text, note or comments to players.
  13. Manual: Tournament director can include a competition manual / caddie book as PDF file into competition details.

More information about registration details.

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