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First new element on the dashboard is showing your personal Metrix stats for the last 16 competition rounds (similar to Metrix rating).

Generic conditions that apply to all these Metrix:

  • Only competition rounds are included. Last 16 rounds counted into stats.
  • Competition must have at least 10 players to impact users' Metrix stats.
  • "Collect Metrix statistics" has be to set to Yes. (only then statistics are being collected)
  • Include only finalized rounds, meaning results and complete stats recorded for each basket.
  • Putts must be recorded. All baskets need to have at least 1 ICP or OCP or IBP set to Yes.

  1. Bullseye Hit %: Average Bullseye Hit percentage per played baskets.
  2. Green Hit %: Average Green Hit percentage per played baskets.
  3. Inside Circle Putt %: Average inside circle putt percentage. Only putts between 3 and 10 meters are counted for. In other words, how many times you hit the basket between 3 to 10 meters devided by all attempts within the same distance.
  4. Outside Circle Putts: Average amount of outside circle putts per 18 baskets.

See full explanations of each statistics here.

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