Registration details, stages and conditions

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Metrix competition registration has lots of different options to properly manage different types of competitions.

First go to Edit competition --> Public

  1. Turn on registration by selecting "Yes"
  2. Click Details to adjust registration settings

First settings are related to registration schedule and the amount of players. These will apply when "Players registration" is set to yes. And will not change that value. So, competition admin still has to "end registration" and show results from the competition settings.

  1. Start date: day when registration will start (automatically if, Players registration set to Yes)
  2. Start time: exact time when registration opens
  3. End date: day when registration ends
  4. End time: exact time when registration is automatically closed 
  5. Timezone: select timezone which to use with given times
  6. Maximum number of players: total number of players be included in the competition
  7. Wildcard count: Number of wildcards reserved by the organizer. This is excluded for maximum, so the maximum should include wildcards.
  8. Save: remember to save changes.

Maximum number of players and Wildcards only make a difference in Premium competitions. In the free version, these details are just informative to the players, but in Premium competitions, system will take care of the waiting list based on these settings in addition to conditions defined for different registration stages.

to be continued...

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