Payments via PayPal

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Event organizer can setup a PayPal account for an event to receive payments into the PayPal account. Metrix communicates with PayPal system and receives the information back that payment has been done. Using PayPal includes costs according to their current pricing.


1. Go to Edit competition --> Public --> Registration details

2. Then scroll down and setup PayPal account from PayPal settings --> click Change...

3. Fill in the required details and Save

Enter all three parameters:

  • Paypal Mechant ID your will find if you log in to Paypal and click Profile->Profile and Settings. Last parameter is „Merchant account ID“. Copy to the first field.
  • Go to https://developer.paypal.com/ and log in. Under „Dashboard“-> My Apps & Credentials you find „REST API apps“. Click Create app. Enter reasonable name, for example „Discgolfmetrix“. The name will be visible to end user.
  • After creating new “App”, click to Live tab!

  • Now copy Client ID and Secret.
  • Save changes

4. Go back to Registrations details --> Payment module and make it visible to players and set Default fee for your event.

5. Do not forget to enable the registration module to player.


Now payments from players will go directly to your PayPal account.