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Main course vs. course layouts

First of all, Disc Golf Metrix supports either one or two level course structures. Meaning that you can have one "main course" with multiple "layouts" under it. Or just a single record representing both the main course as a location and the layout to be played.

Therefore it's always recommended to create new "layout" under an existing course record, if location and the course know by players is still the same. And only create new courses, when creating the course for the first time.

If "main course" record already exists in the system, but you don't have permissions to modify or create new layouts under it, please contact the course admin or Metrix support instead of creating a duplicate main course record.

Another important thing is that changes to course layouts can have impact on rating calculations. So, when ever course's difficulty changes, new layout should be created and the old ones should be archived. Archiving a course is simple as setting and End date for it. This will keep all the results, but will remove the course from any selection lists when playing new rounds.

Naming standard

Since any Metrix user can create new courses, we've seen a lot of different ways to name the courses and layouts.

Our suggestion and strong recommendation is to follow this naming standard:

Level Naming Example
Main course The official name of the course (as written in the info board / course map) "Julkujärvi DiscGolfPark"

Follow one of these standards:

  • [basket count] - [par result]
  • [basket count] - [par result] ([year])
  • [usage] [basket count] - [par result]

Examples for each standard:

  • 18 - Par 56
  • 18 - Par 56 (2017)
  • Weeklies 18 - Par 56

Note! There is no need to repeat the "main course" name on the layouts.

Metrix support can help

Main idea with course management is that it would be done by local players. Preferably by the local club members. But there's some things that course admins can't do, but support can.

So, contact support if:

  • Duplicate courses should be merged
  • Course or layouts should be moved under another course
  • You can't reach local course admins for required changes (like new layout)
  • You represent local club, but don't have admin permissions for your local course

When contacting support related to courses, always remember to include link to the course in question. Thank you!

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