Creating and using Shared accounts

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Premium events are invoiced from the creator of the event by default, but with Shared accounts you can create a separate shared accounts which can be used to address invoices to a club or any group of people.

These Shared accounts are also needed, when Premium rounds are purchased in advance, since prepaid rounds are connected to Shared accounts. And used by connecting the account to a Premium event.

Follow these steps to create and use a Shared account

  • Go to "settings" and click Invoice Management

  • This page will show any invoices generated for your personal account (the Metrix user account) or any shared accounts you are a member of
  • To create a new Shared account, click Manage accounts

  • Click New account to create a new Shared account

  • Fill in the required details:
    • Account name: For example a name of your club or other purpose of the shared account is good
    • Contact email: this email address is used for sending invoices related to account
  • Click Save to create an account

  • After new Shared account is created, you can add more Metrix users as members by clicking Add member 

  • All members of the Shared account can connect the account to Premium events
  • Connection to Shared account is done after changing your event from free to Premium

  • Remember to save changes after selecting the Shared account.

Now the rounds played for this event will be invoiced from the Shared account or they will use the balance of prepaid premium rounds attached to the account.

Note! There is no need to create a Metrix user account for your club. 

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