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Metrix can be used to create course maps. This page will give instructions on how to do it with some best practices to keep in mind.

Course maps will be used to enter results via the map and of course provide more information to all players and spectators about the courses. Metrix Mobile App, that will be released early 2021, includes a "map-entry" mode for entering results and statistics. This mode uses course maps to mark each throw and calculate results and stats based on throws.

Note! Early 2021, a mobile map editor will be available for starting a map creation directly on the field. Desktop version of the map editor should still be used to finalize the details such as OB lines or fairway areas.

Map creation permissions has changed during November 2020. Now everyone can create or edit a map for an existing course. Once the map has tee and basket locations for all baskets, the course map will become public. Course admins can disable changes to existing course maps.

Editing a course map starts from the course page. Or from the mobile app when entering results.

  1. Edit course... button only available for course admins
  2. Edit map... button available for all logged in users

As a course admin, editing basic details looks like this.


  1. Set coordinates to the course/layout
  2. Create or edit a course map
  3. Publish the course map to all users. If you select "Yes, change prohibited", then other users cannot edit the course map anymore.

Metrix course map editor

  1. Toolbar for editing the map
  2. Baskets list for selecting baskets and showing par + length for each basket
  3. Selected basket with tee, basket, line of throw and fairway
  4. Change to full screen
  5. Change between street view and satellite view (preferred)
  6. Zoom the map in and out
  7. "Street view" is available, but not that useful for drawing maps

Toolbar in more detail.

  1. Change between "View" and "Edit" modes
  2. Save all changes
  3. Move / selection tool
    • You can move the map by "dragging" it with this tool
    • And you can select any items on the map to edit them
  4. Add new tee + basket tool
    • Need to select a basket number from the list view
    • Initial tee and basket locations come from the "edit baskets" list when editing course details
  5. Draw OB lines tool
    • Need to select a basket number from the list view first
    • These are just lines to visualize the OB, real OBs should be areas instead of lines
    • To edit a line, first select a line with "Selection tool" and then move points to new positions or add new points between existing points. You can not add points at the end of an existing line.
    • To delete a line or a part of it, right-click on top of a point to remove it.
  6. Add drop zone tool
    • Need to select a basket number from the list view first
    • Clicking the map after selecting the basket and this tool with add a drop zone to the map, pointing to the basket
    • Drop zone will have it's own "throw line" to the basket
    • After adding a drop zone, you can move it to a different location
    • To remove a drop zone, right-click the drop zone after selecting it.
    • Note: single basket can have multiple drop zones if needed
    • Remember to describe how and when to use drop zone into additional details of the basket
  7. Draw fairway tool
    • Need to select a basket number from the list view
    • System will draw a default fairway first that can be adjusted to match with actual course design
    • To remove a fairway you need to right-click each point of the fairway shape to delete them one by one. The whole fairway shape is deleted when only two points left. 

When the map is ready and published, a new link will show on top of the course page.

Viewing a published course.

  1. Select a basket to re-center the map
  2. Change to full screen
  3. Go back to course page

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