Player self-check-in

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As a TD or a player group member, you might wonder if all players are already on-site and ready to start playing. Now, organizers can ask players to check in when they get close enough to a tournament center (to other selected location).

Player check-in is enabled from the competition settings. 

  1. Under the "Public" section
  2. Click "Check-in settings" to fine-tune check-in options
  3. When everything is ready enable "Player self-check-in"

In the "Check-in settings" you can define:

  1. when the check-in period starts, relative to event/round start time
  2. when it ends
  3. the location where players should be when checking in. Selecting a location from the map will update the coordinates (4).


For players, this will show as a prompt to check in when close enough to the event location.


In order to check in, a player has to allow Metrix to use the location and location / GPS has to be turned on.

  1. Player also has to be close enough to check in.
  2. Currently, minimum check-in distance is 1 kilometer.
  3. Click "Check in" when you are close enough and ready to start playing.


After a successful check-in, player will see a message on top of the screen until the self-check-in period ends.


Tournament organizers can see already checked-in players from the Players list, using Registration view.


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