Add new round to an event

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New rounds can be created from "Edit" >> "Rounds". There are four different ways to create rounds:

  1. Add round: create new round under an event (or pool).
    1. This option also inherits some values from the current record and can copy players from the parent record
  2. Copy a round: creates a similar round by copying the current round
    1. Basically copies everything else except groups.
  3. Copy an event: can be used to copy the current event as a round under the event.
    1. This can be used even if the event already has rounds, but mainly used for creating the first round under an event.
  4. Copy a single-round event: Single-round events are also rounds.
    1. This would create a new single-round event under the same parent.

Make sure that competitions have correct start times after done with the structure, since start times are used to sort competition structure in multiple places in the system.

When to create new rounds? Beforehand or after previous rounds?

This depends and is also a matter of preference. But both are possible options. After getting familiar with the system it doesn't really matter, but in the beginning, when organizing official competitions it's better to play it safe and create everything you can beforehand.

When creating all rounds beforehand, you might want to know more about managing players and generating groups.

Creating a new round after completing the previous one


  • Add new round? button will allow you to directly copy the round or take you to "Edit competition" >> "Rounds" page for more options.
  • The benefit of copying a completed round at this point is that you get the same course, players and classes by default.

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