Pro Open (8)+/-Thr121415161718+/-Sum  
    1Eagle McMahon -32F2233233-618-32178
    2Avery Jenkins -11F2234342-420-11199
    3Peter Lunde -10F3243233-420-10200
    4Øyvind Jarnes -9F3235264+125-9201
    5Ståle Stai Hakstad +4F33343530244214
    5Håkon Mathias Løvenskiold Kveseth +4F33442440244214
    7Mikael Máni Freysson +5F34343340245215
    8Andreas Kråkenes +6F3435362+2266216
    Pro Open Women (4)+/-Thr121415161718+/-Sum  
    1Katarina Staalesen +40F5346444+63040250
    2Anniken Steen +44F3355464+63044254
    3Sigrid Sandum +58F6455374+103458268
    4Ina Årbogen +64F3557484+123664274

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    The result was updated on: 2019-09-14 17:30:59.

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