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1Stefan Beekes +6F244454344+634
1Marius Famme +6F353453334+634
1Jennifer Gilge +6F363444244+634
4Felix Krüger +7F253233334+735
5Andreas Hördt +8F243333333+836
6Andreas Martin +10F343233333+1038
7Folker Eckebrecht +11F243243324+1139
7Uwe Rolfes +11F243344334+1139
7Stefan Gilge +11F243443434+1139
7Horst Lindner +11F343344335+1139
11luca heuer +12F543433343+1240
12Holger Hielscher +13F363464344+1341
12Detlef Werner +13F333443332+1341
14Joscha Mahlke +15F544444334+1543
15Florian Babic +16F353434337+1644

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