1Mikko Voutilainen -11F232433323-325-11321
    2Juho Kauppinen -7F223433323-325-7325
    3Jaan Takala -5F332533432028-5327
    3Mikko Poikonen -5F222433343-226-5327
    5Marko Voutilainen +21F332533323-12721353
    5Herra Sämpy +21F434433332+12921353
    7Ossi Mikkonen +22F333433542+23022354
    8Mikael Männistö +25F232423223-52325357
    8Niko Savolainen +25F433443333+23025357
    10Mika Y-P +27F223533543+23027359
    11Olli Mikkonen +33F333533334+23033365
    12Janne Nummela +44F333424433+12944376
    13janne laitinen +76F332533233-12776408
    14Tiitus Takala +92F33253333302892401
    15Jaakko Mikkonen +116F244644433+634116448
    16Aappo Mikkonen +117F434653633+937117449

    Hole-by-hole statistics

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