• Date & time: 06/22/22 17:15
  • Location: Kendall Indian Hammocks Park K3 → K3-C
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  • Comment: To Register, Leave Second Player Name blank. Press Add Player. Then press Register. Read text below Player Registration list for round details. If already Registered as a teams doubles partner post in the 305 teams Whatsapp that you want to play.

No Result (Sum)
Randy Beers, Emilio Condis 
Alexis Gonzalez, David Espinosa 
Ryan Bobson, Nelson Mato 
Morris Fabbri, Adam Zwibelman 
David smith, Derek Wilcox 
Ric Breines, Rolo Ruiz del Vizo 
csmRandy Beers and ghost49
csmAlexsandra Breines, Nicholas Toledo49
Frank Vargas, Kendrick Rivera49
Sebastian Perez, Avian Angulo50
csmDevin Aedo, Christian Lopez50
Pedro Vera, Donald Everage52
csmJorge Guzman, JC Guerra55


NoName 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum
1Frank Vargas, Kendrick Rivera333234223332433222-749
1Alexsandra Breines, Nicholas Toledo334234223242223323-749
1Randy Beers and ghost323234333332233232-749
4Devin Aedo, Christian Lopez233234233333234232-650
4Sebastian Perez, Avian Angulo323234223333233423-650
6Pedro Vera, Donald Everage333234323333333233-452
6David smith, Derek Wilcox333234233333333233-452
9Ryan Bobson, Nelson Mato334234323333244233-254
10Morris Fabbri, Adam Zwibelman333244323333433333-155
10Jorge Guzman, JC Guerra333334323333433333-155
12Alexis Gonzalez, David Espinosa334244324333333333056
12Randy Beers, Emilio Condis00
12Ric Breines, Rolo Ruiz del Vizo00

Mark CTPs - 4, 8, 13, 16, 17(K2-12), 18(K2-10). 17(K2-12) is paid only if 12 people or more paid for CTPs.

Meet across from K2 H13 tee pad, around K3 H16 basket.

Wednesday teams doubles round - Open to everyone to compete for the ongoing MDGC Wednesday Doubles ace pot, ctps and scratch. No mulligans for anyone. $10 all-in for ace, club, ctp, scratch. Players in a teams match don't have to pay to play. If they choose to play for cash, both partners have to be all in to play for cash. Both players on a doubles team have to be all in or none, no partial payment. Players in the teams league that are not playing a teams match and players not in the teams league must pay $10 to play and will be randomly assigned a partner or will be ghost. All must pay before the round to be eligible to cash.

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