This is an invitation to participate in a fun, inclusive and free event at Heathdale Glen Orden Reserve on Sun 27 November.

    This mixed doubles event is designed to bring experienced and new players together in a fun, social way to enjoy the temporary course at Heathdale Glen Orden Reserve. What a great opportunity to share your passion for disc golf with your partner, friends, colleagues or family who have not played before or are new to the game.

    Experienced players will need to BYO an inexperienced (hasn’t played a DG tournament) partner of the opposite gender. Both partners can of course be inexperienced as well.

    The event will be held immediately after a Come and Try Day held with Wyndham City, and participants from that event will be encouraged to stick around and play the doubles as well.

    Loan discs will be available on the day.

    Course information: https://www.melbournediscgolf.com/heathdale-glen-orden-trial/


    What would you like to share?