Heathdale Glen Orden Trial Course

The Melbourne Disc Golf Club and Wyndham City are working together to run a trial course at the Heathdale Glen Orden Wetlands in Werribee.

Tees are marked with blue circles flush with the ground, or with yellow whiskers. The course is cut into two main sections. Holes 1-5 (10-14 on the back nine) and 6-9 (15-18). Use the path on the east side of the park to go between the two sections. You can use the path on the west side of the park to get from hole 9 to hole 10.

Please remember to check in through the sign at hole one so we can share usage details with Wyndham City.

Have fun!


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Top results

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1Cale davies12/22/22 18:30222223323233333332-946
2Mark Hardy01/15/23 13:30222334233422232342-748
3Cale davies01/05/23 18:30232323422233333243-649
4Doug Adams01/05/23 18:30232323233423433342-451
4Matthew Farina12/22/22 18:30322322343333333333-451
4Matthew Farina01/15/23 13:30333223232234434332-451
4Samuel Stoia01/05/23 18:30233333232333333342-451
8Christopher J Scott12/22/22 18:30332333233343333333-253
8Samuel Stoia01/15/23 13:30322333423323424343-253
10Lachlan Kennedy12/22/22 18:30332433223433343352055
10Phil Morgan01/05/23 18:30534334353222223342055
12Samuel Stoia12/22/22 18:30323333433333424343+156
12Tim Ware12/22/22 18:30333333333334333343+156
14Michael Kennedy12/22/22 18:30332433343333333443+257
14Christopher Khoo01/15/23 13:30333332232433434453+257
14Ashley Weidner12/22/22 18:30432523333433333442+257
17David Eames12/22/22 18:30333324334334533343+459
17Jason Weidner12/22/22 18:30332434333333433543+459
17David Eames01/15/23 13:30333433232433433454+459
20Jason Weidner01/05/23 18:30333433353433333353+560
21Michael Kennedy01/05/23 18:30433334343333544343+762
22Janet Ford-Adams01/05/23 18:30342433333434443544+863
22Michael Smith12/22/22 18:30334433533444334343+863
22Michael Smith01/05/23 18:30423533433434433453+863
22Lachlan Kennedy01/05/23 18:30235434433333545333+863
26Ashley Weidner01/05/23 18:30336424433443434454+1267
27Aaron DeBuhr01/15/23 13:30232634374453443443+1368
28Tania Behan01/15/23 13:30334434333654454543+1570
29Tania Behan12/22/22 18:30344644344443454443+1671
30Christine Goh12/22/22 18:30434344354444554554+1974
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