Course information

18 holes of the Hochrindl PRO Disc Golf course with slight modifications.
These will be explained in more detail in the Players Book (sent out at the beginning of September 2023) and at the Players Meeting before the event.

Link to Playersbook => /img/upload/files/OeM2023_Hochrindl_All.pdf

From Friday, 29.09.2022, 09:00 the course will be available for registered tournament participants for practice. At this time, all holes will already be available in tournament conofiguration.


Saturday, 30.09.2023

  •  from 08:15h: Registration (at tournament headquarters in the Herzl-Hütte)
  •  approx. 8:45h: Players Meeting (open questions will be clarified)
  •  09:00h: Bustransfer - Meetingpoint JUFA - Departure to baskets near "Storage Lake" 5/6/7/8/9/10
  •  On time 09:30h: Tee-Off Round 1 - Best Shot
  •  12:30h: Lunch break in the Herzl Hut
  •  approx. 13:30h: Short Players Meeting + Scorecard Pickup (at the tournament center in the Herzl-Hütte)
  •  13:45h: Bustransfer - Meetingpoint JUFA - Departure to baskets near "Storage Lake" 5/6/7/8/9/10
  •  On time 14:15h: Tee-Off Round 2 - Alternate Shot

On Saturday evening there will be a CTP Contest as a side event from approx. 18:00h.
Again there will be prizes to win! 3 attempts on track
In the meantime, there will be a cozy evening at the Herzl-Hütte.

Sunday, 01.10.2023

  •  from 08.15h: Registration (please be at least 10 before your Tee-Off time at Tee 1)
  •  from 09:00h: Tee-Off Round 3 - Modified Best Shot - Golfstart
  •  from 11:30h: Distribution of lunch
  •  After Round 3 the award ceremony will take place.

Scoring will be done with discgolfmetrix.com and also handwritten and according to the 4-eyes-principle.
Each flight is responsible for the correctness of the scorekeeper's entries.


Disc Golf Parcours Hochrindl in front of pub Herzl-Hütte

Zirbenweg 6, 9571 Sirnitz

Google Route:


  • NOTE: Only members of the ÖDGV are allowed to register and participate!
  • Maximum number of participants: 72 (equivalent to 36 doubles).
  • MEMBERSHIP at ÖDGV will be required!
  • No PDGA number is required for registration
  • Registration will run ...
    • from Sunday, July 16, 2023 at 21:00h
    • until Wednesday, 27 September 2023-12:00h
    • without phases
    • via Disc Golf Metrix (https://discgolfmetrix.com/2423568)

Pre-Order of lunch for both players: One of the two players registers the team stating the team name, both players names and the info if and which food you would like to have in the Herzl Hütte for both players individually (soups and/or main dish vegetarian or with meat).

Note for registration: first come, first serve!"


  • Doubles Open
  • Doubles Mixed

Juniors play either Open or Mixed! If there is more than one lady, the team plays Mixed!

Eligible are Austrian citizens or non-Austrians who have their registered place of residence in Austria for at least 18 months and are members of ÖDGV!

Registration fee

  • 40,00 EUR per player
  • 30,00 EUR for Juniors
  • UDGVH members receive a discount of 5€.
  • Note Playerspack: Each player will receive a disc from Latitude64° with tournament logo in the Playerpack (limited number of pieces)
  • Recipient: UNION Disc Golf Verein Hochrindl
  • IBAN: AT27 3947 5000 0193 1807

We only ask you to transfer the entry fee with your name to our account at the latest one week after your registration, but not later than 26.09. (receipt at the club account). We reserve the right, if this is not the case, to delete the participant from the starting list! In any case, the teams that do not pay within this deadline will be ranked back.

Note: If you have chosen some meal then please do NOT transfer this with the registration fee - pay on-site at the Herzl-Hütte.


Cancellation information

In case of a justified cancellation (proof can be requested), the entire entry fee including the cost of lunch will of course be refunded. In case of an unexcused cancellation or no-show, we reserve the right not to refund the entry fee. If you are unable to attend, please cancel in good time!

Food & Drinks

Food and drinks will be provided on-site at the Herzl Hütte!

Note: If you have chosen some meal then please do NOT transfer this with the registration fee - pay on-site at the Herzl-Hütte.

You can choose from the following vegetarian and meat dishes:

  • Saturday
  • Soups EUR 4,50 each:
    • T1Su1: Beef soup with pancakes
    • T1Su2: Pumpkin cream soup
  • Main courses EUR 10,50 each:
    • T1HS1: Alpine burger with french fries
    • T1HS2: Dumplings-3erlei(spinach, semolina-sheep cheese, beet)
  • Sunday
  • Soups EUR 4,50 each:
    • T2Su1: Beef soup with cheese dumplings
    • T2Su2: Garlic cream soup
  • Main courses EUR 10,50 each
    • T2HS1: Beef goulash with spaetzle
    • T2HS2: Stuffed peppers with couscous, mozzarella and salad
  • Drinks will also be served on site (payment on site)
  • In addition, there will also be stations with mineral water at the course



The JUFA Hotel Nockberge is located right next to the Disc Course and above the Herzl Hut and offers 10% discount to the players of the Austrian Doubles Championship as our partner. Again the principle First-Come-First-Serve applies. Until incl. 15.08. a total of 25 double rooms incl. breakfast are reserved for us. Please indicate the discount code "ÖMD2023" when booking. After that the rooms will go on sale again.

Other accommodations nearby

Other accommodations can be searched via the following links:




Contact information

Tournament directors

+43 (0) 664 22 22 519

Ass. TD Helmut MARTIN
+43 (0) 664 19 65 661

Further organization team

Markus Göschl, Anton Präprost, Benjamin MARTIN


Course supervision

Disc Golf Parcours Hochrindl under the direction of Edelbert DÖRFLER and Franz NADRAG



Catering is available in the Herzl-Hütte by Gabi MARTIN with her team

+43 (0) 664 19 65 660+43 (0) 664 19 65 660






Tourismusverein Hochrindl


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