NoName+/-Thr  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum  
Gold > 970 (1) +/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum  
1Jens Erdmann10/28/23 09:30-6F333323233334225322-651  
  10/28/23 13:45-6F223424323334244633057-6108
Blau < 970 (4) +/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum  
1Felix Scholder10/28/23 09:30-5F333323323324234432-552  
  10/28/23 13:45-7F434333323324324522-255-7107
2Michael Faber10/28/23 09:30-5F533222342324323333-552  
  10/28/23 13:45-5F333343233524224623057-5109
3Dennis Damerau10/28/23 09:30+2F643323333223534523+259  
  10/28/23 13:45+2F433523233444224432057+2116
4Thomas Horenburg10/28/23 09:30+2F334333234334324534+259  
  10/28/23 13:45+10F344364223344343832+865+10124
Weiß < 935 (8) +/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum  
1Marek Weinert10/28/23 09:30-2F333423342423234523-255  
  10/28/23 13:45-6F333322233334333523-453-6108
2Fabian Pinder10/28/23 09:30-4F243323333423225423-453  
  10/28/23 13:45-4F443343234324233442057-4110
3Ladislav Dragoun10/28/23 09:30-5F233322233325324532-552  
  10/28/23 13:45-3F533343323324334533+259-3111
4Alf Honigmann10/28/23 09:30+2F442333234333335623+259  
  10/28/23 13:45+3F334323333324334633+158+3117
5Niklas Kochems10/28/23 09:30+1F543323433334334422+158  
  10/28/23 13:45+4F533323443334314534+360+4118
6René Schmidt10/28/23 09:30-3F432223323324334533-354  
  10/28/23 13:45+6F634443344344435422+966+6120
7Frederik Faber10/28/23 09:30+6F354353333235335532+663  
  10/28/23 13:45+8F333424433533224632+259+8122
8Maximilian Fritsche10/28/23 09:30+7F443343433354325533+764  
  10/28/23 13:45+11F334553223333236632+461+11125
Rot < 900 (14) +/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum  
1Kai-Guido Dornig10/28/23 09:30+4F433444333325325523+461  
  10/28/23 13:45+3F333323333334325622-156+3117
1Roman Hudek10/28/23 09:30+2F343323333425325533+259  
  10/28/23 13:45+3F343343333334324433+158+3117
3Christian Kregelin10/28/23 09:30-1F333333333334334423-156  
  10/28/23 13:45+4F443353333324434623+562+4118
3Tim Grün10/28/23 09:30-1F343323333334334423-156  
  10/28/23 13:45+4F443323344435425432+562+4118
5Willi Quaas10/28/23 09:30+3F433323333435224625+360  
  10/28/23 13:45+6F334333333434325623+360+6120
6Antonia Faber10/28/23 09:30+5F354343233434236523+562  
  10/28/23 13:45+7F444333333324235532+259+7121
6Björn Wobschall10/28/23 09:30+2F533434233434234423+259  
  10/28/23 13:45+7F543323334335434523+562+7121
8Ronny Möller10/28/23 09:30+4F333354433325334433+461  
  10/28/23 13:45+8F443345433424224433+461+8122
9Patrick Spengeler10/28/23 09:30+7F454344334433334433+764  
  10/28/23 13:45+9F433354243334334323+259+9123
10Fabian Frei10/28/23 09:30+13F434543324536454533+1370  
  10/28/23 13:45+13F433323234334335522057+13127
11Felix Unterberg10/28/23 09:30+10F543343224546334633+1067  
  10/28/23 13:45+17F335323435335337423+764+17131
11Jascha Noltenius10/28/23 09:30+7F643543232235336433+764  
  10/28/23 13:45+17F533423532346336633+1067+17131
13Benjamin Sperling10/28/23 09:30+9F533323353334346625+966  
  10/28/23 13:45+23F435444333446336633+1471+23137
14Daniel Brachmann10/28/23 09:30+19F445425445555325734+1976  
  10/28/23 13:45+29F443426234325437524+1067+29143
Grün < 850 (8) +/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum  
1Christoph Rößler10/28/23 09:30+5F433343434334335334+562  
  10/28/23 13:45+8F344342424325344432+360+8122
2Marcus Gorsitzki10/28/23 09:30+1F433343233334235433+158  
  10/28/23 13:45+9F444333433325236544+865+9123
3Mario Meuter10/28/23 09:30+6F344343333435325533+663  
  10/28/23 13:45+12F334443333435336423+663+12126
4Kay Büttner10/28/23 09:30+3F334343334324335532+360  
  10/28/23 13:45+15F435443334435335553+1269+15129
5Marcel Scholz10/28/23 09:30+12F363443344444335723+1269  
  10/28/23 13:45+17F543333324433244633+562+17131
6Friedrich Brandes10/28/23 09:30+14F434343553434445643+1471  
  10/28/23 13:45+22F443323334434425455+865+22136
7Marcela Tomášů10/28/23 09:30+12F454444334335234644+1269  
  10/28/23 13:45+26F436444443335335733+1471+26140
7Ronny Boden10/28/23 09:30+15F353455533444355533+1572  
  10/28/23 13:45+26F334433434445436533+1168+26140
Lila < 800 (4) +/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum  
1Franz Schneider10/28/23 09:30+1F434343324324325432+158  
  10/28/23 13:45+9F454323343425245633+865+9123
2Felix Honigmann10/28/23 09:30+7F344344333424335444+764  
  10/28/23 13:45+18F444533334435336533+1168+18132
3Frank Elchlep10/28/23 09:30+17F443354344446446543+1774  
  10/28/23 13:45+35F344444344536637533+1875+35149
4Christian Dynamite10/28/23 09:30+19F454544454445435543+1976  
  10/28/23 13:45+37F544463343444444645+1875+37151


N8fiwa Discgonauts e.V.

Hole-by-hole statistics

View: Grouped chart | Detailed chart | Table

Welcome to the 4th N8Fiwa Heidegames Series 2023!

In 2023 we will bring a total of four Heidegames Series tournaments to the start for you. The special thing about it is the own series ranking.

As soon as you have played 4 rounds in the series tournaments, you will automatically be included in the overall series ranking and have a chance to win really fat prizes!!!

Not only do we give away beautiful victory trophies, but also entry spots - none less than for the Heidegames 2024, the Sängerstadt Spring Challenge 2024 and even for the legendary Sängerstadt Open 2024!

So make an effort - it's worth it!

ATTENTION: from all Heidegames Series tournaments of the year your best four rounds will be scored. How these rounds are distributed among the tournaments does not matter.


So far, so good. Now to the other facts:

Here you will find the essential information about our brand new tournament series in "short and sweet".

For detailed information about the Heidegame

Die Divisionseinteilung erfolgt nach PDGA-Rating in sog. Farbdivisionen.

Divisions are made according to PDGA rating in so called color divisions.

The following divisions are offered:


Divisionsname Shortcut PDGA-Rating Age / Gender
Gold   RPA    970+ alle
Blue   RAH  < 970 alle
White   RAD  < 935 alle
Red   RAE  < 900 alle
Green   RAF  < 850 alle
Purple   RAG  < 800 alle


Click here for the current overall ranking !!!


Game format: 2 rounds on 18 holes

Start mode: Shotgun start

Entry fees / optional costs:

Starting fee for all adults: 25€

optional you can book a vegetarian or meat lunch for additional 5€.

For children and teenagers (u18) the entry fee is 15€. This includes the lunch.



Registration and starting place allocation:

The player check-in will take place on site. However, you can register for the Heidegames in advance here on Metrix.

The starting places will be allocated according to the "first come-first serve" principle.

The organizer reserves the right to allocate 8 wildcards.

The catering option can only be booked until 22.10.2023.

ATTENTION - registrations on the day of the tournament will not be considered - so please register for the tournament via Metrix in time!

There is an acepool included in the entry fee.

Furthermore there will be a CTP in each division. The winners of the CTP will receive a small prize.

Within the flights the N8fiwa bag tags will be played for. 

During the award ceremony there will also be a raffle.

Everybody who takes part in the tournament will automatically have the chance to win prizes. You will receive the raffle number on site.



What ? When? where?
Players-check-in: 09:00 Uhr - 09:30 Uhr im Discgonauts-Clubgarden
1. Playersmeeting: 09:40 Uhr im Discgonauts-Clubgarden
Tee-off Runde 1: 10:00 Uhr Bahn 1 - 18
Lunch break: 12:45 Uhr - 13:40 Uhr im Discgonauts-Clubgarden
2. Playersmeeting: 13:45 Uhr im Discgonauts-Clubgarden
Tee-off Runde 2: 14:00 Uhr Bahn 1 - 18
Award ceremony ca. 17:00 Uhr - 18:00 Uhr im Discgonauts-Clubgarden



For the first round you will get coffee or tea, otherwise mineral water for free.

During the lunch break you can enjoy a warm rice-vegetable-pan with or without sliced pork. Please specify this when you register.

Scoring will be done via the PDGA live app. Thus, the results will be transmitted directly to the PDGA. If you don't want to download the app, you can score via the following link on the internet: PDGA Digital Scorecard 

As "scoring-backup" we use Discgolfmetrix.

Who will do the scoring via the PDGA app and who will score via Metrix for control, you will clarify on site in your flight.

Since there will hopefully be a few tournament beginners at the start, we ask the more experienced of you to pass on your knowledge. Please respect the discgolfer code of the PDGA in the sense of mutual consideration. 

If you have any questions, please contact our TD-Team.

A.A. Marcus Krüger



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