NoName+/-Thr  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum  
Junior ≤ 18 (8) +/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum  
1Jonas Bilke09/23/23 09:300F333324335432523334058  
  09/23/23 14:00-8F222334226322333323-850-8108
2Tom Eisenreich09/23/23 09:30+2F233337224442444234+260  
  09/23/23 14:00-3F323235333332343323-553-3113
3Roman Sieber_.09/23/23 09:30+1F433225323533333444+159  
  09/23/23 14:00-3F242335234432433223-454-3113
4Adam Trejbal09/23/23 09:30-3F233326333333333324-355  
  09/23/23 14:00-1F333346233443433333+260-1115
5Petr Vágner Jr.09/23/23 09:30+15F533437338743334424+1573  
  09/23/23 14:00+20F334436344433333334+563+20136
6Felix Honigmann09/23/23 09:30+14F444438254642444334+1472  
  09/23/23 14:00+24F333337335543444434+1068+24140
7Jan Kluna Jr09/23/23 09:30+11F343446345532434435+1169  
  09/23/23 14:00+26F453445344744533425+1573+26142
8Nele Boden09/23/23 09:30+36F4335418445634447655+3694  
  09/23/23 14:00+52F533337237554443346+1674+52168
Pro Open Women (6) +/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum  
1Petra Hájková09/23/23 09:30+7F333336335433433346+765  
  09/23/23 14:00+12F334336335433333335+563+12128
2Marketa Sedlakova09/23/23 09:30+6F343336324442433535+664  
  09/23/23 14:00+13F332336324653425335+765+13129
3Marcela Tomášů09/23/23 09:30+12F443347326533434435+1270  
  09/23/23 14:00+24F334446474633334324+1270+24140
4Kamila Brücklerová09/23/23 09:30+16F334338336733434356+1674  
  09/23/23 14:00+27F334337245642434345+1169+27143
5Kristýna Brücklerová09/23/23 09:30+16F433437335843434445+1674  
  09/23/23 14:00+31F344347334653534345+1573+31147
6Lucie Prachařová09/23/23 09:30+18F653447344832334445+1876  
  09/23/23 14:00+35F554337334643444436+1775+35151
Pro Open (24) +/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum  
1Filip Surjomartono09/23/23 09:30-8F332226223423323323-850  
  09/23/23 14:00-19F223234223322333323-1147-1997
2Christopher Gebur09/23/23 09:30-9F222324324342323323-949  
  09/23/23 14:00-18F233235323322233233-949-1898
3Sylwester Przybyla09/23/23 09:30-9F433325223322223224-949  
  09/23/23 14:00-12F323324336332323433-355-12104
4Martinn Fojtik09/23/23 09:30-5F232234226432324234-553  
  09/23/23 14:00-10F233334223343424224-553-10106
5Christoph Zickert09/23/23 09:30-7F423235323322223325-751  
  09/23/23 14:00-9F323237233632333323-256-9107
6Jakub Kostel09/23/23 09:30-1F223235324633334324-157  
  09/23/23 14:00-8F332425233333223323-751-8108
6Martin Kocksch09/23/23 09:30-4F243235333442332323-454  
  09/23/23 14:00-8F323345224432324323-454-8108
6Lukas Landa09/23/23 09:30-5F342325224632233223-553  
  09/23/23 14:00-8F333335323423423333-355-8108
9Thomas Melcher09/23/23 09:30-4F233235234522234333-454  
  09/23/23 14:00-4F233335235442334423058-4112
10Marek Surjomartono09/23/23 09:30-4F324325235322324234-454  
  09/23/23 14:00-3F423335444323423343+159-3113
10Darius Schulz09/23/23 09:30+1F322326333523533434+159  
  09/23/23 14:00-3F323326233333333324-454-3113
12Marek Weinert09/23/23 09:30+3F353324336533243324+361  
  09/23/23 14:00-1F223334322723233334-454-1115
13Václav Manych09/23/23 09:30-2F233225226433433234-256  
  09/23/23 14:00+1F333336224433333436+361+1117
14Miroslav Blažek09/23/23 09:30+2F333335325432244434+260  
  09/23/23 14:00+2F333238226523223333058+2118
15Fabian Frei09/23/23 09:30+5F323446227533424324+563  
  09/23/23 14:00+7F325235254632334323+260+7123
16Tomáš Skalka09/23/23 09:30+4F343327235433334334+462  
  09/23/23 14:00+9F333326235554333334+563+9125
16Matej Slandor09/23/23 09:30+6F344334324734433334+664  
  09/23/23 14:00+9F353225334443343334+361+9125
18Radek Syrový09/23/23 09:30+4F332336233433343446+462  
  09/23/23 14:00+10F433236226532453335+664+10126
19Jiří Böhm09/23/23 09:30+4F433336323422534435+462  
  09/23/23 14:00+11F334228326433344335+765+11127
20Patrick Germann09/23/23 09:30+8F333336335832434244+866  
  09/23/23 14:00+12F534236333422344344+462+12128
21Benjamin Sperling09/23/23 09:30+6F323336335633333534+664  
  09/23/23 14:00+13F344426334533334434+765+13129
22Jan Kluna09/23/23 09:30+10F333336438633334334+1068  
  09/23/23 14:00+20F434427334533524444+1068+20136
23Milos Verner09/23/23 09:30+15F345336257533235455+1573  
  09/23/23 14:00+22F333426334733325335+765+22138
24Michal Turan09/23/23 09:30+17F435336337763333337+1775  
  09/23/23 14:00+24F333336233643434435+765+24140
Pro Master 40+ (30) +/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum  
1Pavel Brückler09/23/23 09:30-5F232234234332433334-553  
  09/23/23 14:00-14F223324323422232334-949-14102
2Ronny Linnicke09/23/23 09:30-4F222335336322333324-454  
  09/23/23 14:00-9F233325233333333234-553-9107
3Karel Kolář09/23/23 09:300F334226234442423334058  
  09/23/23 14:00-7F343225223322224334-751-7109
4Nicola Mielke09/23/23 09:30-2F324235335433223324-256  
  09/23/23 14:00-6F323245243522223334-454-6110
5Pavel Sedlak09/23/23 09:300F223335424533333334058  
  09/23/23 14:00-4F333244233422334333-454-4112
6Felix Unterberg09/23/23 09:30-3F333225324632324323-355  
  09/23/23 14:00-4F333326234324333424-157-4112
7Ladislav Dragoun09/23/23 09:30-1F333345335332233333-157  
  09/23/23 14:00-2F322436323443334323-157-2114
8Petr Houdek09/23/23 09:300F333326234532333325058  
  09/23/23 14:00-1F333335233432324335-157-1115
9Ronny Möller09/23/23 09:30-4F342426333332223324-454  
  09/23/23 14:000F433337433442324334+4620116
9Petr Kotesovec09/23/23 09:30+2F324235333633334334+260  
  09/23/23 14:000F323326235422333334-2560116
11Alf Honigmann09/23/23 09:30+1F233326334642333333+159  
  09/23/23 14:00+2F423325236443323235+159+2118
11Roman Hudek09/23/23 09:30+3F333226245632334334+361  
  09/23/23 14:00+2F323236234533224334-157+2118
13Petr Trejbal09/23/23 09:30+1F223336324432335434+159  
  09/23/23 14:00+3F333235334433334434+260+3119
13Matthias Küster09/23/23 09:300F324236233422434434058  
  09/23/23 14:00+3F334435326432423334+361+3119
15Adam Surjomartono09/23/23 09:30+4F344336235342335333+462  
  09/23/23 14:00+5F332236244433334334+159+5121
16Philipp Dobrigkeit09/23/23 09:30+3F433336243543333333+361  
  09/23/23 14:00+7F334335334343334344+462+7123
17Philipp Kratochvil09/23/23 09:30+2F323226335633333325+260  
  09/23/23 14:00+8F434336245533333325+664+8124
18Jiří Duštíra09/23/23 09:30+8F353336335533334335+866  
  09/23/23 14:00+10F343326233643323334+260+10126
18František Vodička09/23/23 09:30+5F423536326422334335+563  
  09/23/23 14:00+10F333339323443334334+563+10126
20Michal Dorňák09/23/23 09:30+9F524336334432624436+967  
  09/23/23 14:00+13F335437233332335334+462+13129
20Pavel Prachar09/23/23 09:30+6F233326344633444334+664  
  09/23/23 14:00+13F345337335523333334+765+13129
22Steffen Bilke09/23/23 09:30+8F335325346432344435+866  
  09/23/23 14:00+14F433326334733334334+664+14130
22Henry Germann09/23/23 09:30+8F333336244733335425+866  
  09/23/23 14:00+14F343427235832233334+664+14130
22Petr Vágner09/23/23 09:30+8F333338335542334434+866  
  09/23/23 14:00+14F433336323443344435+664+14130
25Ondřej Rainiš09/23/23 09:30+6F433427224732343335+664  
  09/23/23 14:00+15F424326336433644334+967+15131
25Vladimír Kříž09/23/23 09:30+7F334236345632433335+765  
  09/23/23 14:00+15F444327234533534334+866+15131
27Jiří Masopust09/23/23 09:30+5F333336236533433334+563  
  09/23/23 14:00+17F443548335532433434+1270+17133
28Ronny Boden09/23/23 09:30+12F433336336633335436+1270  
  09/23/23 14:00+23F433436335533334554+1169+23139
29Marcus Krüger09/23/23 09:30+14F433347337633443345+1472  
  09/23/23 14:00+26F533336445433543534+1270+26142
Bullseye hit
Green hit
Outside circle putt
Inside circle putts
Inside bullseye putt


RPM Discs

Hole-by-hole statistics

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BBDL - Beyond Boundaries Discgolf League 2023

Here it is - brand new, international disc golf league under the name "BBDL - Beyond Boundaries Discgolf League"!

We are proud to present the second of four international tournaments in 2023. The special thing about it: All tournaments will be organised through cross-border cooperation between three disc golf clubs, because disc golf knows no borders!

We are really happy that it is finally starting and hope that you will experience a wonderful, and above all international tournament season together with us and that we will be able to welcome as many of you as possible in autumn 2023 at the final of the BBDL!

But we hope even more that at the end of the BBDL you will not only have great memories, but also that one or the other international friendship will result from this initiative.

By the way: >>> We have summarised all further information about the BBDL for you on this website <<<

But now back to the second tournament of the BBDL which will take a place in Czech. 

So what awaits you in Libochovice - castle garden ?

Libochovice - castle garden has already hosted regional disc golf league tournaments several times and this year became the last stop of the new BBDL 2023 league.
The new 18-hole layout will be waiting for you and we believe that it will test all your senses and leave you with great memories.
Throughout the day and in any weather, a refreshment stand will be waiting for you at symbolic prices (ideally take CZK with you) ;)

The tournament will be played according to the current rules of the PDGA and in respect of the local park and its visitors.


  • Registration:
    30,00 € (incl. PDGA fees, players package, participation in the ace pool, CTP and raffle).
    10,00 € for juniors (incl. PDGA fees, players package, participation in the ace pool, CTP and raffle.

Registration phases

  • Registration phase: is shown at metrix registration page

During the registration period, the first 20 players from Germany will receive a secure starting place within the first week, as soon as they transfer the entry fee within 7 days. 

After the first week, the starting places will be granted in first-come, first-served mode. 


After registration the entry fee, which must be paid within 7 days. In case of delay, your place will be released to players on the waiting list. 

  • Payment options:

  • Attention: For all payments, the name of the tournament and the first and last name of the player must be stated as a note / purpose. Payments that cannot be assigned due to missing information are generally reversed without further inquiry.
  • Payment by transfer:
  • Name:  Disc Golf Club Albium, z. s.
  • IBAN:    CZ5920100000002901918539

our timetable:

What? When? Where?
Sunrise 06:30 am in Libochovice
Players-check-in: 07:30 am - 08:45 am in Libochovice parc 
1. Players meeting: 09:00 am at meeting point
Tee-off Round 1: 09:30 am Hole 1 - 18
Lunch: 12:30 pm - 01:30 pm refreshment stand and closes restaurants 
2. Players meeting: 01:30 - 01:40 pm at meeting point 
Tee-off Round 2: 02:00 pm Hole 1 - 18
eventually Play-Off 04:30 - 05:00 Uhr at meeting point
Victory ceremony approximately 05:00 pm at meeting point
Sunset 07:30 pm in Libochovice


We are looking forward to your participation! Where to find us: Libochovice


Sporty greetings by the DGC-Albium 

Ladis, Martin 

and of course the Orga-Crew of BBDL :-)


What would you like to share?