NoName+/-Thr  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum  
Junior ≤ 18 (8) +/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum  
1Jonas Bilke09/02/23 09:15-5F332342323323325432-552  
  09/02/23 13:45-8F323323333334234433-354-8106
2Roman Sieber_.09/02/23 09:15+8F334346334324345533+865  
  09/02/23 13:45+9F334324323433335433+158+9123
3Frederik Faber09/02/23 09:15+6F433323355444334433+663  
  09/02/23 13:45+10F525234233435225524+461+10124
4Jan Kluna Jr09/02/23 09:15+10F434345333334454444+1067  
  09/02/23 13:45+23F534354435534345433+1370+23137
5Nele Boden09/02/23 09:15+23F654355534544436734+2380  
  09/02/23 13:45+48F557434334445375745+2582+48162
6Felix Honigmann09/02/23 09:15+13F453345434335335544+1370  
Bullseye hit
Green hit
Outside circle putt
Inside circle putts
Inside bullseye putt
6Jordan Becker09/02/23 09:15+20F445336444436435654+2077  
Bullseye hit
Green hit
Outside circle putt
Inside circle putts
Inside bullseye putt
Bullseye hit0%
Green hit0%
Outside circle putt0
Inside circle putts0%
Inside bullseye putt0
Bullseye hit0%
Green hit0%
Outside circle putt00
Inside circle putts0%
Inside bullseye putt00
Pro Open Women (6) +/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum  
1Alessa Schwarz09/02/23 09:15+7F344343433354234723+764  
  09/02/23 13:45+10F634323323324336523+360+10124
2Antonia Faber09/02/23 09:15+6F443344333424344533+663  
  09/02/23 13:45+12F543343333324345434+663+12126
3Marcela Tomášů09/02/23 09:15+6F544423334324425533+663  
  09/02/23 13:45+17F546323444334335435+1168+17131
4Alicia Held09/02/23 09:15+11F344343344444327633+1168  
  09/02/23 13:45+19F543333244534325534+865+19133
5Marketa Sedlakova09/02/23 09:15+14F443446333434236843+1471  
  09/02/23 13:45+21F533324344325335543+764+21135
6Petra Hájková09/02/23 09:15+18F534433344445446834+1875  
  09/02/23 13:45+31F433443333435446644+1370+31145
Pro Open (32) +/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum  
1Christopher Gebur09/02/23 09:15-5F243253222433223523-552  
  09/02/23 13:45-12F432322233323334332-750-12102
2Sylwester Przybyla09/02/23 09:15-1F343223233424236523-156  
  09/02/23 13:45-7F333232233223234434-651-7107
3Václav Manych09/02/23 09:15-2F433323332324344333-255  
  09/02/23 13:45-6F433223223324323534-453-6108
4Christoph Zickert09/02/23 09:15-4F335323223324233523-453  
  09/02/23 13:45-5F343323224334334433-156-5109
5Marco Valle09/02/23 09:15-2F333343424323333432-255  
  09/02/23 13:45-2F333323323434334434057-2112
5Christoph Kannler09/02/23 09:150F333343323324425433057  
  09/02/23 13:45-2F323324332433324533-255-2112
7Thomas Ahne09/02/23 09:15-1F422243233234345523-156  
  09/02/23 13:45+1F434322233434235435+259+1115
8Tomáš Skalka09/02/23 09:150F234344333323344333057  
  09/02/23 13:45+4F333344323324335634+461+4118
8Marek Weinert09/02/23 09:15+4F432343243333345534+461  
  09/02/23 13:45+4F333443433334225323057+4118
10Adrian Neubert09/02/23 09:15+1F432334333334334433+158  
  09/02/23 13:45+5F333343233335336524+461+5119
10Marcus Andersson09/02/23 09:15+2F632423323325334434+259  
  09/02/23 13:45+5F533433324323325633+360+5119
12Aiko Blohm09/02/23 09:15+1F433343333434335322+158  
  09/02/23 13:45+6F454323343323344633+562+6120
13Jakub Kostel09/02/23 09:15+3F533423224426234533+360  
  09/02/23 13:45+8F433343363423233733+562+8122
13Fabian Pinder09/02/23 09:15+1F334423243434424432+158  
  09/02/23 13:45+8F352443343324435633+764+8122
13Alexander Rohrmann09/02/23 09:15+5F434324333335335623+562  
  09/02/23 13:45+8F344323233425234643+360+8122
13Sebastian Ziemiński09/02/23 09:15+2F433323334243236623+259  
  09/02/23 13:45+8F334343433434344434+663+8122
17Jonas Vollmers-Dünnebacke09/02/23 09:15+5F634323244424334533+562  
  09/02/23 13:45+9F443423333334434542+461+9123
17Johannes Selle09/02/23 09:15+2F333423333424324634+259  
  09/02/23 13:45+9F642423334325535433+764+9123
19Fabian Frei09/02/23 09:15+4F353322323525445334+461  
  09/02/23 13:45+10F343343433434337324+663+10124
19Willi Quaas09/02/23 09:15+4F334543333334325433+461  
  09/02/23 13:45+10F534343333434236523+663+10124
21Patrick Germann09/02/23 09:15+7F453323334444434623+764  
  09/02/23 13:45+12F343323533345335532+562+12126
21Miroslav Blažek09/02/23 09:15+9F334433335335345732+966  
  09/02/23 13:45+12F343323343334345532+360+12126
21Maximilian Fritsche09/02/23 09:15+9F353343434334245544+966  
  09/02/23 13:45+12F334243443334244433+360+12126
24Piotr Chuchla09/02/23 09:15+4F433323334334324545+461  
  09/02/23 13:45+13F535323334445354433+966+13127
24Niklas Kochems09/02/23 09:15+7F533333333434336435+764  
  09/02/23 13:45+13F333333345435334542+663+13127
26Tomáš Nejedlý09/02/23 09:15+7F634323533425235533+764  
  09/02/23 13:45+14F433443324435334633+764+14128
26Gregor Engel09/02/23 09:15+12F453443343534327633+1269  
  09/02/23 13:45+14F333442232434335434+259+14128
28Marcel Budich09/02/23 09:15+10F455443334334435433+1067  
  09/02/23 13:45+15F553322333335334723+562+15129
29Benjamin Sperling09/02/23 09:15+6F544344333335334333+663  
  09/02/23 13:45+16F554344234334435533+1067+16130
29Arne Köhncke09/02/23 09:15+7F634422334424335435+764  
  09/02/23 13:45+16F533343233334356733+966+16130
31Luis Beaucamp09/02/23 09:15+13F444444434355235624+1370  
  09/02/23 13:45+20F333343333434346633+764+20134
32Martin Rathmann09/02/23 09:15+12F533443243445444535+1269  
  09/02/23 13:45+21F543443434324244724+966+21135
Pro Master 40+ (24) +/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum  
1Jens Erdmann09/02/23 09:15-7F223223222333334533-750  
  09/02/23 13:45-13F233322224323234434-651-13101
2Ronny Linnicke09/02/23 09:15-3F333342233323334523-354  
  09/02/23 13:45-6F343323232324235433-354-6108
3Pavel Sedlak09/02/23 09:15-2F433323333324333523-255  
  09/02/23 13:45-4F322333332433335532-255-4110
4Alf Honigmann09/02/23 09:150F344322333334335423057  
  09/02/23 13:450F4323432244243344330570114
5Nicola Mielke09/02/23 09:15-2F343323333334325332-255  
  09/02/23 13:45+1F443343433324334433+360+1115
5Ladislav Dragoun09/02/23 09:15+2F433343333334324533+259  
  09/02/23 13:45+1F333323333324425523-156+1115
7Michael Faber09/02/23 09:150F334343233324335324057  
  09/02/23 13:45+3F333323333434335723+360+3117
8Roman Hudek09/02/23 09:15+3F433434233345324523+360  
  09/02/23 13:45+6F333423333436324533+360+6120
8Matthias Küster09/02/23 09:15+6F345543323334336423+663  
  09/02/23 13:45+6F343423233324335523057+6120
10Martin Havel09/02/23 09:15+2F433333343335325333+259  
  09/02/23 13:45+7F343333333336334444+562+7121
11Stephan Härtel09/02/23 09:15+4F333464223335334433+461  
  09/02/23 13:45+8F433343334334334533+461+8122
12Norman Häder09/02/23 09:15+5F334323333425334635+562  
  09/02/23 13:45+10F342344324324234753+562+10124
13Ronny Möller09/02/23 09:15+8F433344443326336334+865  
  09/02/23 13:45+12F352333233434334445+461+12126
13Jiří Duštíra09/02/23 09:15+6F343323243444426534+663  
  09/02/23 13:45+12F334423333336335534+663+12126
15Jakub Czopek09/02/23 09:15+5F433423324435235534+562  
  09/02/23 13:45+13F434343334334346533+865+13127
15Adam Surjomartono09/02/23 09:15+4F333333223335355633+461  
  09/02/23 13:45+13F343445333334435534+966+13127
17Henry Germann09/02/23 09:15+6F333244335334437522+663  
  09/02/23 13:45+15F543443334435334524+966+15129
17Philipp Dobrigkeit09/02/23 09:15+9F543334434324435633+966  
  09/02/23 13:45+15F343443234334324734+663+15129
19Kay Büttner09/02/23 09:15+7F333443334444425533+764  
  09/02/23 13:45+16F444324334436335533+966+16130
20Ládyn Bartoň09/02/23 09:15+7F433323344424446533+764  
  09/02/23 13:45+18F453444334335335534+1168+18132
21Rene Rolka09/02/23 09:15+7F544423243334435533+764  
  09/02/23 13:45+20F334344434346336634+1370+20134
22Ronny Boden09/02/23 09:15+11F444444334345335533+1168  
  09/02/23 13:45+22F443424334546335533+1168+22136
22Philipp Kratochvil09/02/23 09:15+10F544343333535334534+1067  
  09/02/23 13:45+22F443643433335336534+1269+22136
24Jan Kluna09/02/23 09:15+20F644443244445346637+2077  
  09/02/23 13:45+34F443334344536346543+1471+34148


RPM Discs

Hole-by-hole statistics

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BBDL - Beyond Boundaries Discgolf League 2023

Here it is - brand new, international disc golf league under the name "BBDL - Beyond Boundaries Discgolf League"!

We are proud to present the third of four international tournaments in 2023. The special thing about it: All tournaments will be organised through cross-border cooperation between three disc golf clubs, because disc golf knows no borders!

We are really happy that it is finally starting and hope that you will experience a wonderful, and above all international tournament season together with us and that we will be able to welcome as many of you as possible in autumn 2023 at the final of the BBDL!

But we hope even more that at the end of the BBDL you will not only have great memories, but also that one or the other international friendship will result from this initiative.

By the way: >>> We have summarised all further information about the BBDL for you on this website <<<

But now back to the third tournament of the BBDL which will take a place in Germany. 

So what awaits you in Finsterwalde - DGC Bürgerheide ?

Finsterwalde has already hosted regional disc golf league tournaments several times and this year became the third stop of the new BBDL 2023 league.
The 18-hole layout will be waiting for you and we believe that it will test all your senses and leave you with great memories.

The tournament will be played according to the current rules of the PDGA and in respect of the local park and its visitors.


  • Registration:

    • 30,00 € (incl. PDGA fees, players package, participation in the ace pool, CTP and raffle).
    • 10,00 € for juniors (incl. PDGA fees, players package, participation in the ace pool, CTP and raffle)
  • Print version of the Caddybook (optional):

    • 3,00 EUR
  • Lunch - Mittagessen

    • vegetarian: colourful chilli sin carne with red lentils, optionally with a dollop of sour cream, served with rice or fresh bread
    • Meaty: classic chilli con carne with a dash of sour cream, served with rice or fresh bread
    • vegetarisch: Buntes Chili sin Carne mit roten Linsen wahlweise mit einem Schuss Sauerrahm dazu Reis oder frisches Brot
    • fleischhaltig: klassisches Chili con Carne wahlweise mit einem Schuss Sauerrahm dazu Reis oder frisches Brot
  • Arrival:

    • Please arrange accommodation in good time, because this weekend the "Brandenburg Tag" will take place in Finsterwalde and many guests are expected here in Finsterwalde.
    • You are also welcome to camp with us on the club garden.
    • If you arrive on Saturday, please be very punctual, as there may be road closures on that day. 
  • Payment options:

  • Attention: For all payments, the name of the tournament and the first and last name of the player must be stated as a note / purpose. Payments that cannot be assigned due to missing information are generally reversed without further inquiry.
  • Payment by transfer:
  • Name:   N8fiwa Discgonauts e.V.
  • IBAN:    DE54180510000201030683
  • BIC:       WELADED1EES
  • or via Paypal :   https://paypal.me/Discgonauts

  • Attention: payment by Paypal needs an additional 2,00 € fee


Registration phases

  • 1. Registration phase: is shown at metrix registration page

During the Phase of Registration 20 Players from the Czech Republic will have the opportunity to get a seat at the first week.

After the first week, the starting places will be granted in first-come, first-served mode. 


After registration, each player will receive an invoice for the entry fee, which must be paid within 7 days of receiving it. In case of delay, your place will be released to players on the waiting list. 

our timetable:

What? When? Where?
Sunrise 06:19 am in Finsterwalde
Players-check-in: 07:30 am - 08:45 am in Vereinsgarden N8fiwa Discgonauts
1. Players meeting: 09:00 am in Vereinsgarden N8fiwa Discgonauts
Tee-off Round 1: 09:15 am Hole 1 - 18
Lunch: 12:30 pm - 01:30 pm in Vereinsgarden N8fiwa Discgonauts 
2. Players meeting: 01:30 - 01:40 pm in Vereinsgarden N8fiwa Discgonauts
Tee-off Round 2: 01:45 pm Hole 1 - 18
eventually Play-Off 04:30 - 05:00 Uhr in Vereinsgarden N8fiwa Discgonauts
Victory ceremony approximately 05:00 pm in Vereinsgarden N8fiwa Discgonauts
Sunset 07:49 pm in Finsterwalde


We are looking forward to your participation! Where to find us: Finsterwalde


Sporty greetings by the N8fiwa discgonauts e.V. 

Marcus and Ronny

and of course the Orga-Crew of BBDL :-)



What would you like to share?