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  • Comment: PDGA C-tier - 2 rounds - 2 x 9 holes per round - Entry fee: 20€/10€ (juniors)


  • Registration start: 03/26/24 20:00 +01:00
  • Registration end: 05/17/24 20:00 +01:00
  • Maximum number of players: 45
  • The number of registered players: 40
MPO Pro Openall
FPO Pro Open WomenGender = F;
MP40 Pro Master 40+Age >= 40;
MJ18 Junior ≤ 18Age <= 18;
MA1 Mixed Amateur 1all
MP50 Pro Master 50+Age >= 50;

 Pro Open (13)Registered on↓
1Patryk Kieś03/26/24 19:00:05
2Kamil Kiljan03/26/24 19:34:39
3Pascal Thioux03/28/24 06:50:18
4Peter Buijsrogge03/29/24 18:52:17
5Ruben Timmerman03/29/24 19:26:22
6Rudi Strijker03/29/24 22:12:23
7André Wilke04/01/24 21:35:59
8Dennis Riewer04/03/24 00:11:28
9Gosse Helsloot04/21/24 15:59:45
10Oskar Żuchliński04/26/24 18:40:48
11Bart Lobodzinski04/26/24 18:40:57
12Jari Mahler05/06/24 13:17:07
13Stefan Raskop05/15/24 19:09:21
 Pro Open Women (4)Registered on↓
1Alicja Kiljan03/26/24 19:32:45
2Barbara Rinderspacher03/26/24 19:41:51
3Kadi Pint05/13/24 00:28:24
4Janne Tys05/13/24 17:55:12
 Pro Master 40+ (4)Registered on↓
1Ingo Langner04/01/24 20:33:12
2Matthias Zenner04/03/24 10:43:47
3Rodrigo Sanchez04/20/24 07:29:07
4Mika Rantanen05/05/24 19:39:51
 Junior ≤ 18 (2)Registered on↓
1Florentin Thioux03/28/24 10:12:12
2Tom Steuer04/01/24 20:34:08
 Mixed Amateur 1 (12)Registered on↓
1Benjamin Bedda03/26/24 21:41:14
2Volker Plassmann03/27/24 21:10:14
3Nicolas Thioux03/28/24 11:45:02
4Ragnar Petrov04/17/24 14:49:59
5Thomas Simacek04/21/24 10:32:25
6Ricardo Cozzolino04/22/24 15:35:19
7Manuel SEROUX04/26/24 20:21:20
8Corey Wells05/02/24 06:23:21
9Oliver Eriksson05/11/24 11:44:48
10Erwan Nonet05/13/24 09:49:51
11Sam Ney05/13/24 14:27:10
12Jérôme Ansel05/14/24 19:54:14
 Pro Master 50+ (5)Registered on↓
1Klaus Kochems03/26/24 19:11:58
2Claude Bouvy03/26/24 19:42:24
3Steffen KÖHLER03/26/24 20:04:12
4Steven Valkenberg03/29/24 18:57:37
5Meelis Aas04/28/24 11:09:10

Welcome to the 2024 Klose Drives Lëtzebuerg tournament at the beautiful Parc Klosegrënnchen in the City! Join us for the opening of the disc golf season in Luxembourg!


One day PDGA C-tier with 2 rounds of play. Each round the 9-hole layout is played twice, in the same groups, without break. The PDGA Official Rules of Disc Golf are in effect for the whole tournament.

Ties for the 1st place will be decided by a sudden death playoff will on holes 8 and 1 played in a loop until crowning the winner.

Ties for other podium places (trophy & prize only) will be decided by - first - a sudden death playoff on hole 8, and - second - a CTP contest on hole 1 if necessary.

Registration & Fees

Registration is handled via DiscGolfMetrix (account is needed to register). The following categories are provided: MPO/FPO/MP40/MP50/MJ18/MA1. Entry fee of 20€ (10 €  for players in the junior division) is required upon registration to confirm it and secure your spot. Please transfer the fee to the following account:

Account holder: Kamil Kiljan, Luxembourg
IBAN: LU81 0141 9731 9310 0000
Transfer title: Klose Drives - [player's name]

Late registrations will be possible at the day of the tournament from 9:00 to 9:30 with entry fee payable in cash.

Frisbeewinkel.nl Shop

We are proud to announce that the tournament is sponsored by the Frisbeewinkel.nl shop who will provide the awesome prizes for the participants! Additionally, you can place orders on their website and collect the discs in person on Saturday. There will also be a selection of their discs offered for sale at the meeting area.


9:00 - Player check-in, late registrations
9:30 - Players meeting
10:00 - Start of first round
13:30 - Break
14:30 - Players meeting
15:00 - Start of second round
18:30 - Conclusion, award ceremony

Please mind, that the schedule might change during the event.

Layout & Caddybook

See Manual for full caddybook.

All baskets will be targets approved by PDGA at the Championship tier. Teepads will be a mix of turf and natural surface where appropriate. Front corners of each tee will be marked with white flags. OB lines will be set along natural borders or marked with red flags in other places. Casual relief area at hole 8 will be marked with white flags.


Tees (right corner) and basket positions are marked with wooden sticks to allow practice.

The course will be available for practice with baskets in place on the day before tournament (Friday, 17th May) from 17:00 until ca. 21:00.

Groups & Scoring

Groups will be anounced on the PDGA Event Page and at the players meeting.

For the first round, groups will be assigned at random, mixed across the divisions. For the second round, groups will be assigned by scores, within divisions.

Scoring will be done with PDGA Digital Scorecard. Please note that each player is required to enter scores so remember to charge your phones :) The password will be sent to the players in an email.

Contests & Prizes

We will run several contest for the players:
- Hole-in-one (if not aces, then prize is awarded to the first player with an eagle)
- CTPs (only during round 1)

  • MPO/MP40/MA1 - hole #4
  • FPO/MP50/MJ18 - hole #2

- Ring of Fire at the conclusion

We will award medals to the podium finishers in each division. Podium finishes in each division and contest winners will be awarded premium plastic discs. Any prizes not awarded will be raffled at the end of tournament.

Amenities & Directions

Small snack (protein bar and fruit) and water will be available for players.

Portable toilet will be availble at the site for the convenience of players.

Luxexpo tram stop is less than 10 minutes walk away from the park. Public tranport is free in Luxembourg.

Free parking is available along the main streets leading to the park: Rue de Grünewald, Rue des Labours and Boulevard Pierre Werner.


TDs: Steffen Köhler & Kamil Kiljan

The tournament is organized by the Disc Golf Club Luxembourg. The park is administered by the Fonds Kirchberg.

Lets throw some Klose Drives!!!


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