Aigars Ancans
    Ance Marija Grundmane
    Andrey Anatsko
    Gunars Grundmanis
    Aija Grundmane
    Gatis Kurzemnieks
    Inga Pinne
    Uldis Krumins
    Atis Grundmanis
    Rolands Dripe
    Sergejs Volkovs
    Ints Auseklis
    Janis Seglins
    Janis Zosars
    NoNameResultHandicap (HC)Adjusted (Result-HC)Change (Adjusted-Par)
    1Gunars Grundmanis65-5.670.6-3.4
    2Sergejs Volkovs68-371-3
    3Atis Grundmanis742.371.7-2.3
    4Aija Grundmane9217.774.30.3
    5Gatis Kurzemnieks782.375.71.7
    6Inga Pinne11031.778.34.3
    7Ance Marija Grundmane10019817
    8Andrey Anatsko841839
    9Aigars Ancans81-3.684.610.6
    10Uldis Krumins9811.586.512.5
    11Janis Seglins977.889.215.2

    NoName+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112+/-Sum
    1Gunars Grundmanis -9F322223232353322223232363-965
    2Sergejs Volkovs -6F223433323444222233223442-668
    3Atis Grundmanis 0F224324232345325423332335074
    4Rolands Dripe +3F435323242364423333233343+377
    5Gatis Kurzemnieks +4F222634343353225433233443+478
    6Aigars Ancans +7F325243233476224423233363+781
    7Andrey Anatsko +10F523734354454322323233345+1084
    8Janis Zosars +14F425428223334333346333537+1488
    9Ints Auseklis +17F326626322445335429332444+1791
    10Aija Grundmane +18F428337232464325344333545+1892
    11Janis Seglins +23F436724434456225428233455+2397
    12Uldis Krumins +24F425534243454425834433557+2498
    13Ance Marija Grundmane +26F536334344465534435434465+26100
    14Inga Pinne +36F446546443465428546334655+36110

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