NoNameResultHandicap (HC)Adjusted (Result-HC)Change (Adjusted-Par)
    1Laura Ekharde8842.645.4-14.6
    2Rolands Bēriņš7521.553.5-6.5
    3Ieva Zvane7924.254.8-5.2
    4Arnis Makārovs64856-4
    5Agnis Vītols6811.556.5-3.5
    6Andris Mošenkovs719.461.61.6

    NoName+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 910111213141516171819+/-Sum
    1Arnis Makārovs +4F6333442332653223325+464
    2Agnis Vītols +8F5243362335542433245+868
    3Andris Mošenkovs +11F6333444332464443434+1171
    3Ugis Olte +11F5333544353463333335+1171
    5Rolands Bēriņš +15F6334553343544534335+1575
    6Ieva Zvane +19F7533464433543434347+1979
    7Laura Ekharde +28F8335554544756354345+2888

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