Open Homme (20)+/-Thr123456789+/-Sum
1Johan Renaudier -4F353233332-427
1Guillaume GIACHETTO -4F353322333-427
3pierre mollard -3F553322332-328
4saugues florent -2F554332232-229
4Christophe POUZET -2F463332323-229
4Christophe GONOD -2F453343322-229
7Yann Andrevon -1F553342332-130
7Marnick Lucas -1F443333334-130
9Vincent Grenier 0F562343323031
10Pierre Castanier +1F563343332+132
10alexis michalet +1F563343323+132
12Tristan Villard +2F463432533+233
13POUZET Remy +3F663334333+334
13Vincent Renaudier +3F574343332+334
15Loïc Delaforge +4F672343334+435
15olive H +4F673342343+435
17Christophe Madeira +5F464443425+536
18Olive B +6F675433333+637
19Martial LOTTIN +7F565434533+738
20David CANOUIL +9F484444453+940
Open Femme (3)+/-Thr123456789+/-Sum
1Anne-Lise LUCAS +4F464542334+435
2Aurélie ALBERT +13F785444543+1344
3Elodie PIEL +15F895534633+1546
Enfants H (1)+/-Thr123456789+/-Sum
1Sam NOUGIER +16F875735453+1647
Master H (7)+/-Thr123456789+/-Sum
1David PIEL -3F453322324-328
2Frédéric CHEDOT -1F463343322-130
3Brice DANIEL +1F473233334+132
4leplus christophe +2F473343333+233
5Fabrice Bénékian +6F664443343+637
6jean-robert steinmann +7F673443353+738
Bullseye hit0%
Green hit0%
Outside circle putt0
Inside circle putts0%
Inside bullseye putt0
Senior H (1)+/-Thr123456789+/-Sum
1PIEL Jean Yves +10F685443443+1041
Senior F (1)+/-Thr123456789+/-Sum
1Maryse PIEL +10F884434433+1041

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