Open Homme (16)+/-Thr123456789+/-Sum
    1Christophe POUZET -4F323323323-424
    2QUENAUDON Richard -3F333232423-325
    2Claude Archs -3F234323422-325
    4Vincent Grenier -2F233333423-226
    4Erick Roxot -2F423332423-226
    6Christophe GONOD -1F323233623-127
    6Bruno Boissonnade -1F433323423-127
    8saugues florent 0F322343524028
    9Pierre Castanier +2F433244523+230
    9Yann Andrevon +2F344323623+230
    11Benjamin Tixier+3F352443343+331
    12Gregory Vernay +4F443434523+432
    12Fabrice Bénékian +4F434243444+432
    14Nicolas Bourlioux +6F343243546+634
    14David CANOUIL +6F633334444+634
    16Martial LOTTIN +10F446443544+1038
    Open Femme (4)+/-Thr123456789+/-Sum
    1Isabelle THOMAS +2F433233444+230
    2Anne Actis +3F434243443+331
    3Pauline Bénékian +11F545345445+1139
    4Aurélie ALBERT +15F456434674+1543
    Jeunes H (2)+/-Thr123456789+/-Sum
    1Leveaufre Allan +2F333243543+230
    2Johan PASTE +6F354434533+634
    Master H (4)+/-Thr123456789+/-Sum
    1leplus christophe -1F333223443-127
    1frederic moreau -1F334323333-127
    3David PIEL +2F234233544+230
    4Frédéric CHEDOT +4F354353333+432
    Senior H (1)+/-Thr123456789+/-Sum
    1GERARD ROXOT +2F434234424+230

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