Player information - Part 1


Welcome to Latitude 64 Tyyni!

Only one week to go and then it's time for Latitude 64 Tyyni, but the Tyyni week begins already on Monday, 5th of July. The biggest disc golf event in Europe is about happen very soon! It's a pleasure to welcome all of you to play and watch disc golf, meet a lot of friends and have a good time enjoying the Finnish summer. Here we go!

Here we have gathered a quite huge information package about current hot issues. Please read this carefully. 

Tyyni.com updates

During this week we have updated a lot of things to the official Tyyni website (tyyni.com). Most important updates include:

  • All course maps updated
  • Event schedule updated with more detailed information and some more side events added
  • Added more detailed information concerning practising the courses

Follow these 

As organizer we try to reach out all players and spectators via different channels. We suggest you follow all (or at least most) of the channels and read given information carefully. Here are the links to most important channels:

We also suggest players join Tyyni Players Group in Facebook (LINK). This is not an official Tyyni group, but is a very good place for players to connect with each other. Ask for accommodations, organize carpools, share your Tyyni moments...

Disc Golf Metrix pages

Important! We have now opened Disc Golf Metrix pages for both Tyyni events (EPT and EPT-X). In these pages can be found:

  • Tee-times when those are published (1st round latest on Tuesday)
  • Scores for each round
  • Important news

We highly recommend to follow these pages actively. Those pages will be updated often with important player related news, course informations and other imporatnt matters. We have already added all players to events in there. First round will be updated and publsihed after registration has been closed and we have got all pre-work done.

EPT #3 - Latitude 64 Tyyni Open (MPO, FPO)

EPT-X Latitude 64 Tyyni (other divisions)

Side events and practising

As said before, Tyyni week begins already on Monday, July 5th. There will be a lot of different side vents during week.

  • Tyyni One Round events
    PDGA C-tiers on each main event course
  • Tyyni After Dawn #1 and #2
    One round PDGA events, played in the middle of the night at Ramirent Nevas. Experience!
  • NBDG Ladies Series
    L-tier event (no PDGA membership required), only for ladies
  • More information and Metrix links HERE

More side events like Tyyni Trilogy Challenge, Sibbe Minigolf Tournament etc. will be added soon to schedule

A lot of updated information concerning practising the courses on Tyyni website, LINK

Last chance for changes

Registration for TYYNI main event is closing on Thursday, June 30th. It means also the last chance for making any changes concerning the main event. If you want change your tee-off song, join the Ace pool or maybe yet change your division, you should do it now. If you need to withdrawal from the event, June 30th is also the deadline for possibility to move your spot for Tyyni 2023 (or get partial refund).

  • Update your tee-off song, get the Ace pool: Go to event page at DiscGolfScene and update your details
  • Division changes and withdrawals: Send email to mike@nbdg.fi

After the registration is closed, changes can not be done anymore. Tournament staff starts working with player packages, tee-times for the first round and several other things for running the event.


If you are looking for some information, take a look first to Tyyni website. If you still can't find needed information, you may send email to mike@nbdg.fi for further questions. 

Notice that getting the answer now between all busiest times might take a while. We will answer immediately when it is possible to do so. Thanks for your patience!

Player information - part 2 

In a few days we will send you the second part of player information package. This package will include at least following information:

  • Detailed course infos 
  • Nevas shuttle bus schedules and route
  • Tyyni App update
  • Added side events

See you soon!


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