Late registration info and open spots 5.6.2018


We opened the registration and it closes 20th of june. At this point we can´t guarantee full playerpack, but there still will be playerpack and we will guarantee that it will be huge experience.


There is still 50 open spots in the tournament.

Here is the situation 5th of june:

Pool A (MPO, FPO, MJ18, FJ18, MA1) 4 spots 

Pool B (FA1, MA2) 28 spots

Pool C (FA2, MA40, MP40, MP50) 10 spots

Pool D ( MA3,FA3, FA40, FP40, FP50, MP60, MP70) 8 spots

If there is any questions about your registration, please check the Tyyni website first: https://www.tyyni.com

If you want to change your registration details and you can't do it yourself in Disc Golf Metrix, please send an email to gabriel.sarkela@tyyni.com

Check the full registration information and refund policy from Tyyni website: https://www.tyyni.com/registration-info/


All withdrawals must be made ONLY by email to gabriel.sarkela@tyyni.com. Any other method is not considered as official withdrawal and you are not obligated to possible refund.


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