Pool A (MPO, FPO, MJ18, FJ18, MA1) is FULL


Pool A is now full.

There is still some spots in pools B, C and D (MA2, MA3, FA1, FA2, FA3, MA40, MP40, MP50, MP60, MP70, FA40, FP40, FP50)

Be quick, only 8 days left to register.

If there is any questions about your registration, please check the Tyyni website first: https://www.tyyni.com

If you want to change your registration details and you can't do it yourself in Disc Golf Metrix, please send an email to gabriel.sarkela@tyyni.com

Check the full registration information and refund policy from Tyyni website: https://www.tyyni.com/registration-info/


All withdrawals must be made ONLY by email to gabriel.sarkela@tyyni.com. Any other method is not considered as official withdrawal and you are not obligated to possible refund.


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