Malluusen frisbeegolfrata

  • Location: Finland, Länsi- ja Sisä-Suomi, Etelä-Pohjanmaa, Kuortane, Mäyry, Malluusentie
  • Baskets: 18Par: 64
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  • Weather: -4°C 0.82 m/s W
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Malluunen disc golf course is closed for the 2021 season. Thanks to all the players, see you in the spring of 2022 on the renewed course!

"Closed" means that all holes may not be playable (some baskets / tee signs might be missing or some teepads may be unusable).

Malluunen disc golf course is a challenging 18-hole forest and field course with moderate height difference. Hole lenghts are ranging from about 230 ft (~70m) to over 1000 ft (>300m). Course par is 64 and length ~7500ft (~2300m) so that means the average length of holes is about 430ft (130m). The holes variate from tight forest lines to open high speed holes with lots of OB. The course is located in a private area in Kuortane, Finland.

More information: https://malluusenfrisbeegolfrata.fi/en/

Top results

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1Miikka Harju09/26/21 11:00443445231444336434+165
2Jonne Isrikki06/30/21 13:00433345243434347532+266
2Jimi Roikonen06/30/21 13:00343455343434346323+266
4Jani Haapanen05/18/21 18:00534456433333336343+468
5Janne Saarela06/15/21 18:00544455343333338333+569
5Vili Lappi09/26/21 11:00344444354453346333+569
7Janne Saarela05/18/21 18:00333544354333438444+670
8Miika Rantanen08/17/21 18:15453356443453337432+771
8Janne Saarela05/11/21 18:00443357343554337422+771
8Konsta Aho08/17/21 18:15443446344433338434+771
11Lari Hiirikoski05/18/21 18:00344437353433437534+872
11Janne Saarela08/03/21 18:00544355344523337444+872
13Aki Pälli08/17/21 18:15364445335445337424+973
13Atte Valkama06/22/21 18:00434455343433448534+973
15Janne Saarela05/25/21 18:00534536353333338644+1074
15Janne Saarela06/01/21 18:00653447343333437444+1074
15Pertti Koivula08/17/21 18:15433466443434536444+1074
15Veli-pekka Peltola06/01/21 18:00334447343444348633+1074
15Veli-pekka Peltola08/17/21 18:15543454344533438534+1074
15Matti Knuuttila09/26/21 11:00354447343433348543+1074
21Janne Saarela09/26/21 11:00433466343433469433+1175
21Jani Haapanen05/11/21 18:00464465343344537433+1175
21Jani Toivonen07/20/21 18:00433658334553336434+1175
24Gabriel Särkelä07/20/21 18:00543557444363347333+1276
24Sami Savola08/17/21 18:15434656343444358433+1276
24Tomi Saarinen09/26/21 11:00334447543443549622+1276
24Janne Fränti08/17/21 18:15335565354433348534+1276
24Janne Saarela09/26/20 11:00545448342423447634+1276
24Janne Saarela08/17/21 18:15435555534333458533+1276
30Janne Saarela07/20/21 18:00563467344433346534+1377

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