Rezidence Kurzeme

  • Location: Latvia, Talsu novads, Strazde
  • Baskets: 18 Par: 58 Length: 1895m PAR rating: 936
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  • Weather: 11°C 3.49 m/s N
  • Active players at the moment: 0 (0% of usual)
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An 18-hole disc golf course in the middle of picturesque, hilly Talsi County. This course amazes the players with its scenery, varied terrain and environment, where you can enjoy throws up and down the hill, in the forest and in the meadows. Particularly symbolic is the fifth fairway, which offers a view of the only rock outcrop in Talsi county, as well as the eleventh fairway, where the throw is made from the highest peak in the area (152.7m above sea level) "Renģes Kalns". The last fairways of the course are located in the territory of an old golf course, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the terrain and environment characteristic of golf. All 18-disc golf baskets are PDGA "Championship" level certified and the tee pads are high quality 2x4m artificial turf platforms. The owners of Rezidence Kurzeme also offer visitors other types of activities, as well as accommodation options. Planning of the field and provision of inventory was carried out by PAR3 Disku golfs.



Ratings analysis

Top results

 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum
1Jaanus_ Muts04/08/23 10:56223434235322332432-652
2Rainer Sinilind04/08/23 10:56225435334324232432-256
3Augusts Zosārs09/15/23 10:00324524234344322434058
3Ingvars Lerhs09/15/23 10:00343523325333234343058
5Richard Tuhk09/15/23 10:00243434334333334622+159
6Edgars Skore09/15/23 10:00253523335333422534+260
6Kristers Tauriņš09/15/23 10:00333344334233234445+260
6Svetlana Kobec09/15/23 10:00233444335334332533+260
9Kaspars Irbe09/15/23 10:00343435334323334434+361
10Mārtiņš Kubelis09/15/23 10:00225547326333332423+462
11Māris Berševics09/15/23 10:00233334335434334634+563
11Voldemārs Kizino05/13/23 15:43233535337243432632+563
13Margus Haab09/15/23 10:00233435344433344534+664
13Nele Marrandi09/15/23 10:00233536334435335423+664
13Marius Gurskas09/15/23 10:00335554324423334434+664
16Toms Bethers09/15/23 10:00333545434433334434+765
16Vallo Veider09/15/23 10:00343635424323354434+765
16Andris Lukjanovs09/15/23 10:00343636434423333443+765
19Guntis Ziediņš09/15/23 10:00323535338324443623+866
19Gundars Šmithens09/15/23 10:00244436335334334543+866
21Ketija Ieviņa09/15/23 10:00344545326434332633+967
21Lina Umbrasaitė09/15/23 10:00244645335443343523+967
21Tiiu Kull09/15/23 10:00334534326454332634+967
24Kaire Tobias09/15/23 10:00353535445433334533+1068
24Davis Ruduks09/15/23 10:00453544234335434633+1068
24Regina Lukk09/15/23 10:00324636326343334634+1068
24Andris Ševčenko09/15/23 10:00454634346323633423+1068
24Silja Madison09/15/23 10:00355545345433342433+1068
29Edgars Ungurs09/15/23 10:00333436446334334463+1169
29Kalvis Berzins05/13/23 15:43233534427545334633+1169

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2023-09-159Hill Open 2023 → FA2, FA4,MA4,FA40, MJ18 → 1.Round44Ingvars Lerhs (0) | 5 8 5

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