NoName+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum
    1Eero Kekki -2F323243322534434223-254
    2Mikael Talvio 0F433242433324434233056
    3Olli Harjula +1F334234332425623233+157
    4Samuli Aavikko +2F334233342434622334+258
    4Niklas Eriksson +2F333233433533533333+258
    6Sebastian Cronholm +3F333243533434532333+359
    7Gustaf Didriksson +5F333243334622643334+561
    8Mathias Sandstedt +7F445333433533533333+763
    9Jens Pajunen +8F344333332435643533+864
    10Hasse Holmström +912435234345634+946
    11Jimmy Bäcklund +13F343454335446642333+1369
    11Santeri V-M Salo +13F455243443444643424+1369
    11Sebastian Saal +13F334343443554545334+1369
    14Jonas Fellman +16F345353454535543434+1672
    15Michael Karlsson +20F436344445525663435+2076
    16John Gruner +21F343363556554634444+2177
    17Antti Kuivanen +25F447443544535763535+2581
    18Cecilia Berglund +27F435363563743955444+2783
    19Nicola Aspelin +35F446454565755765445+3591
    20Simon Larsson 0-00
    20Tony Risberg 0-00
    20Robert Christensen 0-00

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    The result was updated on: 2020-08-29 17:17:04.

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