1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum
1Marnick Lucas, Thomas TRAPPO322333333242322334-850
2Guillaume Brice, Edward Vouge323323342332323334-751
3frederic moreau, Christophe GONOD342333333243222334-652
3Félix Ban, gilles BAN322234343343233224-652
3Sylvère RIBREAU, David CASTAGNE322333333253322334-652
6Laurent AMELINE, Selim Yilmazoglu322333343343323333-553
6Leveaufre Allan, remi lariviere332333333243323343-553
8Valerio Crepaccioli, Stefano Marzi322334443353323334-157
9Nicolas BENAGE, Laurent THEVENOT323434343353332343058
9Benjamin Bedda, Manuel SEROUX333333343353323245058
11Nicolas Masson, Marylou SIMONNOT343334343354223534+361
12Rémi GROLLEAU, Isabelle QUENAUDON333343343353342445+462
13Laëtitia Bousseau, Romain THIBOUW444334443353333344+664

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