1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum
1Marc Labalme, gilles BAN223333333342323333-751
2Matthieu Plou, Thomas TRAPPO323233343342323234-652
2stephane laplanche, Edward Vouge333233343243322234-652
2David PIEL, David CASTAGNE333433333243322233-652
5Pierre-emmanuel Talon, Selim Yilmazoglu443333333342323323-454
6QUENAUDON Richard, Isabelle QUENAUDON334233343352332234-355
7François Lariviere, remi lariviere353433343343222344058
7Claude Archs, Christophe GONOD343343353242333334058
9Bruno Boissonnade, Romain THIBOUW343334443243332245+159
9Mario TOMASI, Stefano Marzi343333343353333334+159
11Lévêque Renaud, Laurent THEVENOT333435343353333334+361
12Cédric Philippot, Marylou SIMONNOT334433353343433344+462

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