1Rene Krimmel -2F323323333-225
2Patric Alexander -1F233423324-126
3Thomas Meyer 0F235332234027
4Martin Quistorp +1F233433343+128
4Andreas Hördt +1F233343343+128
6Folker Eckebrecht +2F334334333+229
7Leon Twelsiek +3F233453433+330
7Felix Krüger +3F233433435+330
7Marcel Breitbach +3F333533424+330
10Benjamin Garbers +4F334443334+431
11Stefan Gilge +8F343334645+835
11Jennifer Gilge +8F434434544+835
13Elena Grahn +11F434455445+1138

Hole-by-hole statistics

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