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NoName+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131422232425+/-Sum
1Marthe Iversen +1F433322334242344444+158
2Virgi Sokk +4F433422433343443444+461
3Julie Tengs +10F633332433363463354+1067
4Cathrine Bjerklund +13F633333433353444574+1370
4Marie Bergsagel +13F643333333253474464+1370
6Yngvild Sudmann +16F533333534463345466+1673
6Andrea Pedersen +16F533433544365443455+1673
8Julie Høie +17F535533454363353365+1774
9Lone Larsen +21F644333543374356375+2178
9Ragna Engelien +21F644433544553453475+2178
11Anne Liv Krogedal +25F545332544374385566+2582
12Ellen Lindhom Ingalls +26F7444425543634534115+2683
13Siri Larsen +46F10554455465734775116+46103
14carine ivarson +52F8774547455754665119+52109

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