Asko Krais
Ergo Kolla
Meelis Vist
Alvin Lees
Allan Lullu
Karla Vahar
Rasmus Tammemets
Eenok Pajanen
Terje Sangernebo
Konstantin Selli
Anneli Ostrat
Kristo Vallimäe

Handicap (HC) calculation by Metrix rating

NoNameRatingResultHCSum (Result-HC)
1Karla Vahar960563.9652.04
2Allan Lullu930626.9355.07
3Rasmus Tammemets8916610.7955.21
4Meelis Vist942625.7456.26
5Anneli Ostrat8726912.6756.33
6Eenok Pajanen923647.6256.38
7Alvin Lees954614.5556.45
8Konstantin Selli959614.0656.94
9Asko Krais102955-2.8757.87
10Kristo Vallimäe977632.2860.72
11Terje Sangernebo930696.9362.07
12Ergo Kolla899731063

NoName+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 910111213141516171819+/-Sum
Bullseye hit11%
Green hit58%
Outside circle putt0
Inside circle putts121121111111173%
Inside bullseye putt8
Bullseye hit5%
Green hit42%
Outside circle putt1
Inside circle putts11121111111111175%
Inside bullseye putt6
3Alvin Lees +2F8434532332333223332+261
3Konstantin Selli +2F5233534332244333234+261
5Meelis Vist +3F3223533323364334334+362
5Allan Lullu +3F4442453433443223332+362
Bullseye hit11%
Green hit21%
Outside circle putt2
Inside circle putts1111111150%
Inside bullseye putt13
Bullseye hit5%
Green hit16%
Outside circle putt1
Inside circle putts111111111170%
Inside bullseye putt11
9Rasmus Tammemets +7F6432533332343343444+766
10Anneli Ostrat +10F5443673333343233442+1069
10Terje Sangernebo +10F4353545323463343423+1069
Bullseye hit0%
Green hit11%
Outside circle putt3
Inside circle putts112111175%
Inside bullseye putt10

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