Results Summary

      1Eero Kekki-3-4-2-10+2-3-4+3-4+1-15
      2Samuli Aavikko-1-2+2+2-2+5-1-50-3+2-3
      3Mikael Talvio-1-10+11-2+2-1-4-40+2+2
      4Olli Harjula-1-3+1+3-4+4-3-4+70+3+3
      5Gustaf Didriksson-2-8+5+3-10+40-1-3+10+7
      6Mathias Sandstedt+2-3+7+13-2+2+5+1+1+4+8+38
      7Jonas Fellman-2-7+16+16-1+5+9-30+7+5+45
      8Jimmy Bäcklund+4-5+13+18-5+2+8-1+2+8+8+52
      9Sebastian Saal+1-7+13+80+6+13-10+10+10+53
      10Santeri V-M Salo+5-2+13+15+6+11+7-1+2+8+14+78
      11Michael Karlsson+8-7+20+18+2+15+22+5+2+13+22+120
      12John Gruner+9+3+21+34+5+16+8+3+11+8+12+130
      13Antti Kuivanen+16+4+25+29+11+21+19+4+6+9+24+168
      14Cecilia Berglund+9-1+27+28+10+18+27+7+9+18+25+177
      15Nicola Aspelin+9-1+35+58+18+18+34+3+18+33+20+245
      16Niklas Eriksson-6+2+70+3-1+2+6+13
      17Sebastian Preussner-4+18+5+5+1+4+11+40
      18Robert Christensen-3+18+4+9+2+6+13+49
      19Sebastian Cronholm-9+3-1-7-20-16
      20Juha Ruokonen-5+12-3+3+4+1+12
      20Joni-Pekka Luomala-4+4-3+6+2+10+15
      22Stefan Wärnhjelm-3+6+2+8-1+3+15
      23Henry Karlenius-1+120+7+4+18+40
      24Antti Saikanmäki-1+170+11+7+19+53
      25Kimmo Ikala-2+22+3+17+7+20+67
      26Mikael Wärnhjelm-3+70+2+4+10
      27Tony Risberg+8-2+8+4+2+20
      28Per Didriksson-4+5+1+5+14+21
      29Emma Ikala+4+40+8+19+5+76
      30Tim Granström-9-5-7-5-26
      31Joonas Voutilainen-6+9-4+10
      32Perttu Pihlajaviita-5+10-30+2
      33Juhani Aavanen-3+16+3+1+17
      34Jukka-Pekka Ahinko-4+24+1+8+29
      35John Boman+15+40+19
      36Jens Pajunen+8+5+13
      37Reija Ruokonen+11+11+22
      38Anna Söderlund+11+18+29
      39Rasmus Nylund-6-6
      40Timo Myllynen00
      41Fredrik Lönnqvist+2+2
      41Titus Stenroos+2+2
      41Simon Larsson+2+2
      44Tobias Björklund+3+3
      45Jacob söderman+17+17
      45Conny Solax+17+17
      47Emil Solax+27+27
      48Charlotta Solax+36+36

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      Come and take part in the first Åland Open disc golf tournament.

      In this event, players will have a unique experience to play all existing disc golf courses in Åland. There will be 11 courses playable ready by the Opening ceremony, and a few more to open during the Summer!

      In order to participate in this event, a player needs to sign up and play at least one course in Åland under this "Åland Disc Golf Open" event in Disc Golf Metrix. Every playable course will have it's own "round" under this Ålan Disc Golf Open main event. Every player participating in this event will be eligible for winning lottery prizes. All players who play all available courses will receive a special gift.

      Divisions: There are no divisions in this tournament. Everyone plays in one general division.

      Duration: The event will run until the end of August 2020. And starts on the same day as the opening ceremony (25th of July).

      How to participate:

      • First, you need to create a Disc Golf Metrix account (if you don't have one yet) and log into Metrix.
      • Then go to Åland Disc Golf Open main page (this page): discgolfmetrix.com/ax-open
      • Decide which courses you want to play and follow the instructions below for each of the courses

      1. Select course / event you want to play

      2. Register to the event as a player

      3. Select a group* when registering

      4. Start entering results when your group is ready to start

      *) Please select a group that has not started to play yet. You can pick the same group with your friends (already in advance) or find a friend from the course. Each group can have maximum of 5 players. You can see how many spots are still available when selecting the group on the registration form.

      If you have any questions about participating to this event, please send us a message using the send email to admins link on top of this event page.


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