• Comment: Season 2: Monthly Comp integrated with Mixed Social at 1030am

Table of points

NoNameBald Hill Sat July 09: Women's SocialRuffey Lake Sun Aug 6: Women's SocialRuffey Lake Saturday Aug 7 : Women's SocialStony Creek Sun Sept 04: Women's SocialBald Hill Sun Oct 9: Women's SocialRuffey Lake Sun Nov 20: Women's SocialTotal
1Tania Behan10047755083355
2Kim Michell79100100279
3Gail Lynch689067225
4Christine Walker501150111
5Emma Winkworth100100
5Hailey Cooperrider100100
7Clare Hussey9595
8Georgia Carroll8989
9Quinette Armstrong8484
10Jenny Thomas8080
11Amy Weyers7474
12Janet Ford-Adams7070
13tania cherrington373067
14Sue Donnelly6363
15Anita Weber6060
16Jessica Holman5858
17Yasmin Murray5353
18Carol Heath322052
19Rachel Johnson5050
20Janet Johnson103343
21Michelle Schulz4242
22Serena Arnold4040
23Christine Goh2626
24Rosie Hunt2525
25Emily Thornley2121
26Karen McConachy1717
27Rosanna Hunt1616
28Kayla Cherrington55

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