EPT #5 Turku Open Powered by Prodigy Disc  08/12/22-08/14/22

    EPT #5 Turku Open Powered by Prodigy Disc

    The fith event of European Pro Tour will be organized at Aninkainen Frisbeegolfpuisto, just a drive away from Turku city. This event is organized in co-operation of local club Frisbeegolfseura FORE, Prodigy Disc Europe and European Pro Tour.

    Welcome to Turku and to the biggest tour in Europe!

    NOTICE! This page is only for event information and score keeping. Registration must be done via DiscGolfScene.com (LINK).

    General information

    • EPT #5 Turku Open Powered by Prodigy Disc
    • August 12th to 14th, 2022
    • PDGA International A-tier
    • 3 competition rounds, one round a day with tee-time starts
    • MPO, FPO


    • Registration at DiscGolfScene: LINK
    • Event PDGA page: LINK
    • European Pro Tour homepage: LINK
    • EPT Superstore: LINK


    • Organizer: Frisbeegolfseura FORE Turku ry
    • In co-operation with Prodigy Disc Europe and European Pro Tour
    • Tournament Director: Eemeli Kouki | eemeli.kouki@yahoo.com, +358 40 538 1713
    • Assisting Tournament Director will be announced later
    • EPT Tour Manager: Mikko Wikman | mike@nbdg.fi (only tour related issues)

    Registration and entry fees


    • Rating based registration is used
    • Registration must be done via DiscGolfScene.com
    • Registration is not possible via this Metrix page
    • Organizer will add players to this page manually (for scoring)

    Registration schedule

    • Phase 1 | May 16th, 6:00pm (BST)
      MPO rating 1000+, FPO rating 920+
    • Phase 2 | May 30th, 6:00pm (BST)
      MPO rating 980+, FPO rating 900+
    • Phase 3 | June 13th, 6:00pm (BST)
      MPO rating 960+, FPO rating 880+
    • Phase 4 | June 27th, 6:00pm (BST)
      Open for all players

    Entry fees

    • MPO, FPO | 150,00 €
    • Entry fee includes course fees, also for practise days (Wed-Thu)


    • In case of withdrawal, contact Tournament Director via email
    • Refunds among PDGA competition manual 1.03

    Event week schedule

    Preliminary schedule, changes possible

    Monday, August 8th

    • Monday Qualifier, C-tier event
    • Link to event page will be added later

    Wednesday, August 10th

    • Practise day, course reserved for players

    Thursday, August 11th

    • Practise day, course reserved for players
    • Press conference, detailed information added later

    Friday, August 12th - Competition day 1

    • Tee-time starts from 9:00am (Finnish time)

    Saturday, August 13th - Competition day 2

    • Tee-time starts from 9:00am (Finnish time)

    Sunday, August 14th - Competition day 3

    • Tee-time starts from 9:00am (Finnish time)
    • Award ceremony


    • Aninkainen Frisbeegolfpuisto - EPT 2022 layout
    • Address: Luolavuorentie 51, Turku
    • Course map will be released later. Layout will be based on current layout
    • Detailed course information / caddy book will be released later

    Competition rules

    • PDGA A-tier event with tee-time starts
    • Three days, three competition rounds
    • PDGA rules and competition manual applied. Also Finnish DGA competition rules and EPR rules are valid
    • Finnish competition license is required from Finnish players, current PDGA membership required from foreign players
    • Smoking and use of any other tobacco products is prohibited at the tournament center and during the round from two minutes signal to the return of score card
    • Duplex scoring (Udisc + Metrix). Both methods are official and player is responsible for his/her own score on both platforms
    • There are 8 wild card spots reserved. There will be no application for wild cards, organizer and partners are sharing them by their needs. Two of the wild cards will be shared based on Monday Qaulifier results


    • Money prizes
    • Money prize can not be changed to vouchers or merchandise. If player refuses from money prize, it must announced to Tournament Director on site, immediately when results are final
    • Prize pool share:
      • 110 € from each entry fee goes to event prize pool
      • 10 € from each entry fee goes to tour prize pool
      • 10 € from each entry fee goes to EPT All-Stars prize pool
    • Added cash at least 5000 €
    • Prize share is TOP30%, among PDGA guidelines
    • Prizes will be paid via PayPal

    General information

    • Organizer needs to announce all prizes worth over 100 € to Finnish tax bureau. For the announcement personal details (name, address, personal ID, email address) will be collected by organizer
    • Withdrawal tax will be reduced from foreign players' prize

    Invitations to EPT All-Stars event

    • There will invitational spots to EPT All-Stars given based on results. Event will be played at Mijas, Spain in November 2022 (More information HERE)
    • Invitational spots:
      • MPO: Top 5 + tied
      • FPO: Top 2 + tied
    • If player already has got s spot to the event, the spot will be moved to next possible position

    Media coverage

    • There will be a huge media coverage from the event
      • Press conference on Thursday in Disc Golf Stream and Disc Golf Stream YouTube
      • Live coverage and post-productions from all competition rounds
    • Added with the tour's official photographer Marika Salmi's quality photos

    Disc Golf Stream

    Disc Golf Stream - YouTube FIN

    Disc Golf Stream - YouTube ENG

    Marika Salmi Photography - EPT



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