NoName+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112+/-Sum
1Tobias Schulz -8F223233232322-829
1Rene Krimmel -8F223223322332-829
3Fabian Kaune -7F223332222234-730
3Nils Weidler -7F223322322333-730
3Tobias Klann -7F223332322233-730
6Carsten Schindler -6F233222332333-631
7Timo Worseg -5F232322332343-532
8Matthias Kühne -2F334223342333-235
8Michel Voigt -2F323233335233-235
10Hendrik Witte -1F233323333335-136
10Sascha Klein -1F233324343333-136
12Benjamin Lupa 0F233333344423037
12Tobias Lülf 0F333333342343037
12Tiemo Wesemann 0F333324343333037
15Joscha Mahlke +1F243234343343+138
15Adrian Hornbostel +1F235333432433+138
17Hans Gehrke +3F344323533244+340
18Paul Busse +4F434433343343+441
19Micha Zenker 0-00
19Tobias Drees 0-00
19Andreas Martin 0-00
19Marius Famme 0-00
19Kevin Kleibömer 0-00

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