3. Runde  10/03/21 12:00

Handicap (HC) calculation by Metrix rating

NoNameRatingResultHCSum (Result-HC)
1Pascal Lopez786248.9115.09
2Norbert Schulz-Nemak890214.5816.42
3Sascha Görtz949202.1217.88
4Christoph Ladendorf863245.718.3
5Thomas Beilicke88024519
6Reinis Kalnrācenis811277.8719.13
7Markus Deichsel907243.8720.13
8Robert Nemak936232.6620.34
9Nicolas Dreessen836286.8321.17
10Felix Simmendinger872275.3321.67
11Thilo Stoewahse765329.7822.22
12Andreas Dremu Runte876295.1623.84
13Milan Q Schultz2441.63-17.63
14Finn Fischer2541.63-16.63


1Sascha Görtz 222232223-720
2Norbert Schulz-Nemak 222233322-621
3Robert Nemak 323332322-423
4Milan Q Schultz 222334233-324
4Thomas Beilicke 222234333-324
4Pascal Lopez 232234332-324
4Markus Deichsel 223323423-324
4Christoph Ladendorf 332233332-324
9Finn Fischer 323223433-225
10Felix Simmendinger 333244323027
10Reinis Kalnrācenis 233333343027
12Nicolas Dreessen 424233424+128
13Andreas Dremu Runte 333334343+229
14Thilo Stoewahse 423383333+532

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