3. Runde  12/05/21 11:20

    1Reinis Kalnrācenis -6F322323222-621
    1Frank Buchholz -6F322222332-621
    3Jan Weckenbrock -5F322323322-522
    3Mario Diemann -5F223232323-522
    5Feliciano Banano -4F223234322-423
    6Thomas Beilicke -3F223233432-324
    6Milan Q Schultz -3F224233422-324
    8Robin Poppenberg -1F233224343-126
    8Björn Elberling -1F323333432-126
    10Thorsten Glindemann 0F223253433027
    10Christoph Petzke 0F323262333027
    10Thilo Stoewahse 0F323433432027
    10Felix Simmendinger 0F322344432027
    14Lars Puchtler +1F243233353+128
    14Florian Sautter +1F234233443+128
    14Hinnerk Eddelbüttel +1F424334332+128

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