1. Runde  06/05/22 10:00

1Markus Nowc -7F222322223-720
2Thomas Beilicke -6F322422222-621
2Boike Wessels -6F222233232-621
4Daniel Zacharias -4F432222233-423
4Boris Schmarbeck -4F422233232-423
6Stefan Lenz -3F422234223-324
6Thorsten Glindemann -3F232323333-324
8Thilo Stoewahse -1F333235322-126
8Rene Krimmel -1F332235233-126
10Jan Tietze 0F234234333027
11Arne Hiemer +1F322253533+128
12Henri Nowc +11F444455444+1138
13Christian Puhan 0-00

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