Finale  08/27/23 13:30

    Open (7)+/-Thr123456+/-Sum  
    1Kristian Sandvik -6F445232+220-683
    2Marcel Krippendorf -4F434332+119-485
    3Fabian Marten -3F333333018-386
    4Federico José Sörenson Sánchez -2F343332018-287
    5Gustav Humme -1F344332+119-188
    6Carsten Rohrmann 0F344333+220089
    6Chris Habernoll 0F343343+220089
    Amateur (4)+/-Thr123456+/-Sum  
    1Louis Brodbek +5F444333+321594
    2Luke Hoffmann +5F343443+321594
    3Phil Hoffmann +5F345332+220594
    4Markus Hartmann+11F536336+82611100

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