Saturday 3PM K1-B Short  04/15/23 15:00
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  • Comment: Park by H15. Play H17 long. CTPs,1,4,6,7,9,10. 10 is paid out only if 12 or more players paid ctps. Pay before the round starts. Cashapp - $MiamiDiscGolfClub. Optional $1 club $ 1 ace $5 ctps $3 handicap $3 Scratch $1 mulli. Min. $2 club + ace suggested.

No Result (Sum)Adjusted Score
CSebastian Perez49 
CHMike Hartnett633.4
AMMario Lopez72 
CBMChristian Lopez49-3.2
Nelson Sanchez57 
CHMAdam Zwibelman573.8
CDavid Straff60 
NoName+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum
1Sebastian Perez -6F333242233222333333-649
1Christian Lopez -6F233332232333233333-649
3Nelson Sanchez +2F234342432333245433+257
3Adam Zwibelman +2F344333333333333334+257
5David Straff +5F444352333333334343+560
6Mike Hartnett +8F434254332333344544+863
7Mario Lopez +17F435544353444434445+1772

Hole-by-hole statistics

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Pay before the round starts. Cashapp - $MiamiDiscGolfClub Paypal - miamidiscgolf#gmail.com K1 B short - $1 club $ 1 ace $5 ctps $3 scratch $3 handicaps $1 mulligan. Payment is optional to play. Minimum $2 for club and ace recommended.

Play H17 Long pad. Short pad is no longer used for league rounds.

H3, yellow line and beyond is OB. Go to Drop zone on island if tee shot is OB..

H18 beyond hedge line OB. Go to drop zone if tee shot is OB over hedges. Regular OB rules if OB in road.

Handicaps: You can use a handicap from any K1 layout. If you don't have a B-Short handicap, A,C, or long tee handicap can be adjusted up or down by 3 strokes per pin and/or tee position. If you don't have a handicap for K1-A -L but have more than one handicap on other K1 layouts, the lowest handicap after adjustments will be used. 

Current handicaps bit.ly/MDGCHC


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