02/17/24 15:00|Kendall Indian Hammocks Park K3 new → K3-A|UNITED STATES, FL, Miami-Dade, Miami

Saturday 3PM K3-A  02/17/24 15:00
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  • Comment: CTPS - 1, 4, 5, 9, 12, 14. 5 is paid if 12 or more players paid. Pay Before the Round! Cashapp - $MiamiDiscGolfClub $1 club $ 1 ace $5 ctps $3 handicaps, $3 scratch $1 mulligan. Payment is optional to play. Minimum $2 for club and ace recommended.

No Result (Sum)Adjusted Score
CAndres Balanta54 
CMAndrew Pouya53 
CHMCraig Wiseman535.5
CHMEddie Gillette54-1.5
CHMEmilio Condis55-2
CSMFrank Vargas51 
CJC Guerra61 
CMMario Guerra54 
CMMario Lopez59 
CBMRandy Beers46-.4
CSebastian Perez49 
NoName+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415161718+/-Sum
1Randy Beers -9F333232232343222223-946
2Sebastian Perez -6F234323333243322322-649
3Frank Vargas -4F333322333353323232-451
3Bebo -4F243334232242423233-451
5Craig Wiseman -2F333334233343332323-253
5Andrew Pouya -2F453323232352323323-253
7Eddie Gillette -1F334243333342333332-154
7Andres Balanta -1F333343233343423233-154
7Mario Guerra -1F433322343343323333-154
10Emilio Condis 0F244234432343323333055
11Mario Lopez +4F344333333343333344+459
12JC Guerra +6F344533343344325323+661

Hole-by-hole statistics

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Beyond Walls are OB. 

Beyond Fences in H1 to 4 area and H5 is OB. The disc must be completely outside the fence to be OB. If any part of the disc is under the fence it is in.

Beyond Berm on H10 and H18 is OB. If any part of the disc lands on the Berm it is in. Take a meter relief perpendicular from the inside edge of the Berm if in. Take a meter relief in any direction from inside edge if the disc is out.

1 - Double Mando first Tree on the Left and Power pole on the right. If missed take lie a meter from whichever side you missed mando.

3 - Mando to the Right of electrical pole. If missed take lie from a meter from pole.

5 - Beyond wood fence is OB

11 - Mando to the left of the last tree marked on map. If missed go to middle between wall and mando.

14 - Sidewalk and beyond for Palace Nursing and Rehab is OB

Pay before the round starts! Cashapp - $MiamiDiscGolfClub Paypal - miamidiscgolf@gmail.com $1 club $ 1 ace $5 ctps $3 handicaps, $3 scratch $1 mulligan. Payment is optional to play. Minimum $2 for club and ace recommended.

Handicaps: You can use a handicap from any K3 layout. For instance if you don't have a A handicap, an B or C handicap can be adjusted by the total scoring average difference between course A and B or C in metrix. If you don't have a handicap for A but have a B and a C, the lowest handicap after adjustments will be used. 

Current handicaps bit.ly/MDGCHC



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