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    NoNameResultHandicap (HC)Adjusted (Result-HC)Change (Adjusted-Par)
    1Antonia Faber381.536.5-8.5
    2Kim Gietzen5010.439.6-5.4
    3Fiona Faber733241-4
    4Felix Unterberg452.842.2-2.8
    5Ronny Möller441.542.5-2.5
    6Michael Faber41-243-2
    6Jens Stelter47443-2
    8George Braun42-1.243.2-1.8
    9Michael Jehle451.243.8-1.2
    10Detlef Höpfner505.544.5-0.5
    11Olli Möllemann42-3450
    12Andreas Wolfsohn42-3.345.30.3
    13Philipp Ludwig46-
    14Philipp Stadler480.447.62.6
    15Sara Krieg6011494
    16Sascha Lehne619.751.36.3

    NoName+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415+/-Sum
    1Antonia Faber -7F232232332323233-738
    2Michael Faber -4F322343324332223-441
    3George Braun -3F233232332333334-342
    3Andreas Wolfsohn -3F233332333333233-342
    3Olli Möllemann -3F333332324323233-342
    6Ronny Möller -1F333243333324233-144
    7Felix Unterberg 0F223244332344324045
    7Michael Jehle 0F343233432323334045
    9Philipp Ludwig +1F234333344333233+146
    10Jens Stelter +2F334233333433334+247
    11Philipp Stadler +3F434333432334333+348
    12Kim Gietzen +5F234254444333333+550
    12Detlef Höpfner +5F433333336433234+550
    14Lynn Markau +11F434245445434343+1156
    15Sebastian Markau +12F432533466524244+1257
    16Sara Krieg +15F343444345454364+1560
    17Sascha Lehne +16F334644436524346+1661
    18Luca Sessler+17F365344455433346+1762
    19Frederik Faber +25F4345634555534104+2570
    20Fiona Faber +28F554465645645455+2873
    21Jannik Kwasniowski +32F553556655645557+3277

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