19.11.2017  11/19/17 10:45

NoNameResultHandicap (HC)Adjusted (Result-HC)Change (Adjusted-Par)
1Kai Sommer47641-4
2Fabian May504.545.50.5
3Ronny Möller503.546.51.5
4Torsten Baus45-2472
5Andreas Wolfsohn47-0.547.52.5
6Ronny Linnicke45-3.348.33.3
7Olli Möllemann47-2494


NoName+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9101112131415+/-Sum
1Torsten Baus 0F234333323333325045
1Ronny Linnicke 0F233232434342244045
3Kai Sommer +2F324342434323334+247
3Andreas Wolfsohn +2F334332435333323+247
3Olli Möllemann +2F233234444323343+247
6Ronny Möller +5F433432362443324+550
6Fabian May +5F334332444443333+550
8Christopher Gebur +6F336332344333434+651
9Timo Rührmund +23F455344368454445+2368

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