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    NoNameResultHandicap (HC)Adjusted (Result-HC)Change (Adjusted-Par)
    1Sascha Lehne4310.332.7-6.3
    2Fabian May351.833.2-5.8
    3Philipp Stadler37334-5
    4Andreas Wolfsohn32-2.334.3-4.7
    5Michael Faber34-0.534.5-4.5
    6Daniel Blank35035-4
    7Philipp Ludwig35-0.835.8-3.2
    8Julian von Eye39336-3
    9Ronny Linnicke36-1.537.5-1.5
    10Thomas Heufelder468.437.6-1.4
    11Michael Jehle402.237.8-1.2
    12Kai Sommer38-0.138.1-0.9
    13Ivan Ilin412.538.5-0.5
    14Ronny Möller401.438.6-0.4
    15Christian Friedrich442.341.72.7

    NoName+/-Thr 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 910111213+/-Sum
    1Andreas Wolfsohn -7F2222333322233-732
    2Michael Faber -5F2332323232234-534
    3Daniel Blank -4F3332233323242-435
    3Fabian May -4F2332323333224-435
    3Philipp Ludwig -4F2232334332323-435
    6Ronny Linnicke -3F4323333323223-336
    7Philipp Stadler -2F1322444333323-237
    8Kai Sommer -1F3333324332243-138
    9Julian von Eye 0F3332433333333039
    9Alexander Voigt0F3323324333325039
    11Michael Jehle +1F2333344323334+140
    11Ronny Möller +1F3342433333234+140
    13Ivan Ilin +2F2423443333334+241
    14Sascha Lehne +4F4433424333334+443
    15Christian Friedrich +5F3434533333334+544
    16Thomas Heufelder +7F4453423353334+746
    16Robert Fruth +7F4245434434333+746
    18Sara Krieg +445344+4DNF

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